About Us

As a longtime resident of Calgary, a promoter, and a lover of Soca music, I've started this page so Calgary's Soca Community can keep itself in the loop with all things "Soca" in the city.  As the community grows we are seeing more and more positive things happening.  Feel free to comment on any of our posts and get involved by 'liking' and posting on the facebook page.  The blog will be dedicated to regular reviews of events, mixes, artists and shows. Also I'm happy to introduce you to out our chatroom, found on the bottom of the page and video links to the hottest Soca tracks.

Warning!  We're sometimes brutally honest with our posts and comments, and therefore so should you! But of course lets keep it all civil and moving in a positive direction.

Make sure you click on comment below any posts, then click on the share links, and let all the other Soca-Lovers you know find out about CalgarySoca.com. The goal is to grow Calgary's Soca scene.   I'll talk to you soon.

Drew Atlas

12:24 PM