Jan 8, 2017

Year End - Best Of 2016 Soca - Radio Show

Its time again for our annual 'Best of' show and what a year it was for the music. We take a look back a the best of 2016! The entire crew weighs in on this year's picks for Best Groovy & Power tunes, Artist of the year, Riddim of the year and more. The list is by no means definitive, be we get the perspective of a few 'Trinis', a Bermudian, and a 'half-a-Bajan' Enjoy! 

 Check the crew's picks below.

Best Groovy Soca of 2016

  • Drew: Voice - Cheers to Life, Teddyson John - Allez, Olatunji - Oh Yay, Hypasounds - How She Like It, Flipo - Oh Gosh
  • Majesti:  King Bubba - Calling in Sick
  • Carrie: Voice - Cheers to Life, Machel and Tarrus Riley - Memory
  • DJ DAT: Kes - People, Kerwin Du Bois - All Kind Ah Kind, Freezy - Split In The Middle, King Bubba - What A Rush
  • Wolston: Voice - Cheers to Life
  • Alisha: Machel and Tarrus Riley - Memory, Kerwin Du Bois - Carnival-A-Holic

Best Power Soca of 2016

  • Drew:  Machel Montano - Waiting on the Stage, Lil Rick Iz A Bajan, Lavaman - Cuckus Bag
  • Majesti: Machel Montano - Waiting on the Stage, Bunji Garlin - Touch the Stage, Areakode - Doh Beat Up (2015)
  • Carrie: Machel - Waiting on the Stage
  • DJ DAT: Skinny Fabulous - Godzilla, Skinny Fabulous - Ignorant (2015)
  • Wolston: Ricardo Drue - BET, Farmer Nappy - BamBilamBamBilamBilamBam
  • Alisha: Marzville - Bang Bim, Shurwayne Winchester - Truck Driver

Break Out Artist of 2016

  • Drew: Voice, Teddyson John, Marvay, Hypasounds, Pternsky
  • Majesti: Nicha B, Teddyson John
  • Carrie: Marvay
  • DJ DAT: Pumpa
  • Wolston: Teddyson John
Riddim of the Year - 2016
  • Drew: Cheers/Unforgettable Riddim, Way Up Project, Wahjang Riddim, One O'Clock Riddim, RR Riddim, Jambe-An Riddim
  • Majesti: Way Up Project, Stag Riddim (2016), Rebel Panda Riddim
  • Carrie: Jambe-An Riddim (2015)
  • DJ DAT: Ti Punch Riddim, One O'Clock Riddim, Hand Grenade Riddim, Skeleton Riddim, Malay Riddim
  • Wolston: Fete Life Riddim (2015)
  • Alisha: Ti Punch Riddim, Shakedown Riddim, One O'Clock Riddim
Soca Artist of the Year (2016)
  • Drew: Machel Montano
  • Majesti: Skinny Fabulous, Machel Montano
  • Carrie: Voice
  • DJ DAT: Ricardo Drue, Skinny Fabulous
  • Wolston: Ricardo Drue, Teddyson John
  • Alisha:  Ricardo Drue, Machel Montano
Tune of the Year (2016)
  • Drew: Voice - Cheers to Life
  • Majesti: Voice - Cheers to Life
  • DJ DAT: Ricardo Drue ft King Bubba - Rum Again
  • Wolston: Teddyson John - Allez
  • Alisha: Voice - Cheers to Life


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