Dec 20, 2015

The 'Best Of 2015' Year End Show

As we come to the end of 2015, the crew recaps the biggest songs out of ALL of this year's major Caribbean Carnivals. Trying to pick the best of all the songs for 2015 means going back to songs that were released as far back as 2014 Summer, as tunes can catch a '2nd wind' when they reach Trinidad for Carnival the following year. In short, if a song was in HEAVY ROTATION from February - August 2015 we considered it! There were literally HUNDREDS of tunes to pick from and these are each of our personal choices. 

(Songs released after that will be judged when we see how they perform in 2016.) The CalgarySoca crew give their picks for: Best Groovy Song, Best Power Song, Break Out Artiste, Artiste of the Year and Tune of the Year. Enjoy!  (*Note: Majesti stated in the show that Voice and Young Voice were the same artist which we realize now is NOT correct. Our apologies.  Voice = Aaron St Louis while Young Voice = Kevin James)

Most Played Groovy songs 2015:

  • Olatunji - Ola
  • Angela Hunte & Machel - Party Done
  • Destra - Lucy
  • Fadda Fox -  Ducking
  • Lead Pipe and Saddis  - Ah Feeling
  • Porgie and Murda  - Benup
  • Benjai - Phenominal
  • Ricardo Drue - Vagabond

Best Groovy Song (crew picks):
Drew: Olatunji - Ola
Majesti: Ricardo Drue - Professional
Alisha: Patrice Roberts - Money Done
Carrie: Kerwin Du Bois - No Apology, Kes - Falling, Destra - Throwback, Olatunji - Ola
Wolston: Ricardo Drue - Professional, Benjai - Phenominal

Best Power Songs 2015

  • Machel - Like Ah Boss
  • Peter Ram - All Ah We (*wasn't mentioned on the show)
  • Machel - Erupt
  • Bunji Garlin - Exodus
  • Iwer George - Play D Mas
  • Kes - General Don
  • Skinny Fabulous - Mash Up International
Break Out Artiste of the year (crew picks)
Drew: Ricardo Drue, King Bubba FM
Majesti: Young Voice
Alisha: Omi (because 'Cheerleader' got a Soca remix)
Carrie: 5Star Akil
Wolston: Ricardo Drue, Angela Hunte

Artiste of the Year 2015 (crew picks)
Drew - Machel Montano
Majesti - Bunji Garlin
Alisha - Ricardo Drue
Carrie - Kerwin Du Bois
Wolston - Machel Montano, Kerwin Du Bois

Tune of the Year 2015 (crew picks)
Majesti: Pop Ah Bottle
Alisha: Pop Ah Bottle
Carrie: Ola, Like Ah Boss
Wolston: Vagabond
Drew: Ola

Playlist for this week:
1.Raze - Fay Ann Lyons
2.This Island Is Mine - Skinny Fabulous
3.Vagabond - Ricardo Drue
4.Lucy - Destra Garcia
5.Ducking - Fadda Fox
6.Ben Up - Porgie and Murda
7.Ah Feeling - Lead Pipe and Saddis
8.Best Groovy Song 2015 picks by CalgarySoca Crew
9.Ola - Olatunji
10.Phenominal - Benjai
11.Party Done - Machel Montano and Angela Hunte
12.Best Power Song 2015 picks by CalgarySoca Crew
13.Like Ah Boss - Machel Montano
14.No Behaviour (Shell Down) - Cloud 5
15.No Apology - Kerwin Du Bois
16.Professional - Ricardo Drue
17.Break Out artiste picks by Calgary Soca Crew
18.Mash Up - King Bubba FM
19.My House - Farmer Nappy
20.Cloud 9 - Lyrikal
21.Circles - Kerwin Du Bois
22.Artiste of the year 2015 picks by CalgarySoca Crew
23.Pop Ah Bottle - Machel Montano
24.Riddim of the year 2015 picks by Calgary Soca Crew
25.Tune of the Year 2015 picks by CalgarySoca Crew
26.Oh Yay - Olatunji
27.Go Hard - Machel Montano and Skinny Fabulous


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