Dec 27, 2015

Christmas Mix 2015 - Parang Soca

Christmas Mix 2015
Boxing Day 2015, Drew Atlas and DJ Majesti go through old and new Parang Soca favourites from T&T. Season's Greetings, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from the entire CalgarySoca family. Enjoy!

1.Leroy - Scrunter
2.Rudolph - Baron
3.Hush Yuh Mouth - Kenny J
4.Barrel of Rum - Incredible Myron B
5.Its Christmas - Baron
6.Drink Ah Rum - Lord Kitchener
7.Black Cake and Sorrell - Da Spirits
8.Paramin - Singing Sandra
9.Parang Morning - T Mo
10.Wrong Man - Trinidad Rio and Benjai
11.Alexander - Kenny J
12.Spanish Woman - Baron
13.Indian Parang - Chick Taxi
14.Jingle Dance - Rembunction
15.Thank You and Merry Christmas - Maffie and Crew
16.Christmas Story - Jaiga
17.When Christmas comes around - Shurwayne Winchester & Philo
18.Homemade Wine - Scrunter
19.Christmas Parang - Crazy
20.Parang Parang - Singing Francine
21.Piece ah Pork - Scrunter
22.Bring Drinks - Sprangalang
23.Beautiful Faces - Benjai
24.No Holiday like Xmas - Crazy
25.J'Ouvert Christmas - Leon Coldero
26.Its Christmas Again - Skhi
27.Cherry in she glass - SW Storm
28.My Christmas Pork - Ricky T
29.Pas Colay - Subance
30.Merry Cherry - Crazy
31.Corn Soup - Marcia Miranda
32.Drinking That - Oscar B
33.Parang Soca - Revelation and Crazy
34.We Paranging - Shurwayne Winchester and Baron
35.Shak Shak - Marak Mikey
36.Dig - Mark Hardy
37.No Beat - Mr. Kong
38.Happiness - Just Russ
39.Christmas Box - Charm B
40.Trini Christmas is the Best - Susan Maico


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