Oct 12, 2015

'Miami-Ready' Soca mixtapes 2015

With Miami Carnival going on this weekend, it felt like the entire Soca fraternity was headed to the southern U.S. to play 'mas' and fete.  Some of the community's best known DJs made sure to release some hot mixes for the season.  Here are a few of the more highly-anticipated mixes for you to enjoy:

1) Supa Soca - Welcome to Miami
Soca heavyweights, Dr. Jay, Barrie Hype, Jester and Crown Prince have been on a roll with this series.  Look for hot remixes of your favourite tunes for 2015, exclusive 'dubs' and new releases.
2) DJ Private Ryan Presents Bienvenido A Miami 2015
The 'Most versatile DJ in the world is always on point with the hits and new tunes. This mix features hits from many of the islands in preparation for Miami Carnival 2015. For more Private Ryan mixes check: http://djprivateryanmusic.com/
3) CSI: Miami - Ryan Sayeed vs Walshy Fire
Ryan Sayeed  and Walshy Fire are invading Miami carnival 2015 with "CSI: Miami" The "Carnival Soca Invasion!" This mixtape is a guideline to the newer soca music that you will be hearing during the weekend of Miami Carnival.
4) Titan VCD presents BoYaKa SOCA
Titan VCD of BoYaKa sMash presents to you "BoYaKa SOCA", a soca based mixtape created while in Miami for Carnival with your favorite new soca hits, various blends, edits, brand new soca to get familiar with & remixes sMashed together in one.
5) Liftoff To Miami 2015 Mixtape - Hosted by 5Star Akil
 Miami Carnival 2015 in the air and Kaotic doesn't disappoint, joining forces with 5 Star Akil to host this year's Miami Liftoff mix is definitely going to get you pumping to the fetes in style. Blazing Soca hits from 2015 and giving sneak peek into 2016. 
6) D' Enforcas Miami Carnival Mixdown
Canada's D'Enforcas Sound crew deliver their Miami Carnival mixdown for 2015


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