Aug 23, 2015

Olatunji Yearwood misses Calgary performance

click to listen (details at 50:11)
For party goers this weekend, its hard to avoid the fact that Olatunji was not present at Saturday's MONARCHS show at Flames Central in Calgary. After a few phone, and numerous online conversations with his management to track his whereabouts, organizers were first reassured that he was on his way, then told no one could get a hold of him in transit, and finally sent a message hours before the event that Olatunji is 'under medical supervision.

Since that was the only information was received up to the opening of the doors at 10pm Saturday, it was the only thing that host, Drew Atlas could accurately report before the start of the performance. At the writing of this message, that is still unfortunately the only information anyone has received. 

CalgarySoca shares our patrons disappointment at not being able to see the International Groovy Soca Monarch live. Since we have heard nothing further from Olatunji's manager, or the artist himself, via either direct message or social media, we can only speculate that the situation might be quite serious and wish Olatunji a speedy recovery. 

A huge thank you to the very professional and courteous Ricardo Drue, Rupee, Barrie Hype, DJ Jester and DJ Soca Sweetness for filling in any gap and thoroughly entertaining the crowd at Flames Central. If and when we hear anything further regarding Olatunji's situation we will definitely pass it on. 

CalgarySoca Team.


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