Aug 3, 2015

Carnival Mix #212 - Focus on Barbados Cropover 2015

Focus on Cropover Barbados 2015
Summer Carnivals are in full swing! Toronto, Barbados and more! In our neck of the woods we are getting ready for three weeks of celebrations as well.  With Kerwin Dubois headlining Edmonton's Cariwest; and Bunji Garlin, Rupee, Olatunji and Ricardo Drue all making appearances for Calgary's Carifest Festival, we are very excited...again!  The whole crew is in studio this week as we focus on some of our favourites from Barbados 2014 and celebrate the big tunes for Cropover 2015 Season! Enjoy!

  1. Lil Rick - Boom Boom Jump 
  2. Verseewild - Tornado 
  3. Skinny Fabulous - Plenty 
  4. Lil Rick - Kotch de Bumper
  5. Indrani - Street Life 
  6. Patrice Roberts - Pull Me Over 
  7. Skinny Fabulous - Defense 
  8. Machel Montano - Bruk it 
  9. Kerwin Du Bois and Lil Rick - Monster Winer 
  10. King Bubba FM - Who Drinking Rum 
  11. King Bubba FM - Come out to Win  
  12. Leadpipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling 
  13. Leadpipe and Saddis - The last one 
  14. Sekon Sta - Put we out
  15. Skinny Fabulous - It's the weekend 
  16. Lil Rick - Waistline energy 
  17. Lil Rick and Benjai - Cyah bother we 
  18. Machel Montano - Doh mind  
  19. Kerwin Dubois - Backazz 
  20. King Bubba FM - Whole night  
  21. Patrice Roberts - Money Done 
  22. Fadda Fox - Duckin'  
  23. Omi - Cheerleader  
  24. Machel Montano and Angela Hunte - Party Done 
  25. Big Red and Melo - Whole place shell down  
  26. Kerwin Dubois - No Apology 
  27. Lil Rick - Gym Instructor (Groove theory Riddim) 
  28. Patrice Roberts - On De Low (Groove theory Riddim) 
  29. Ricardo Drue - Professional (GrooveTheory Riddim) 
  30. Peter Ram - All Ah We (Party Monarch Barbados 2015)
  31. Machel Montano - Like Ah Boss Roadmix 
  32. Hypasounds - How she like it 
  33. King Bubba FM - Mash up
  34. EdwinYearwood - Party Ah De Year (Sweet Soca Monarch 2015)


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