Jul 5, 2015

Skinny Fabulous wins both Ragga and Power Soca Monarch titles - SVG 2015

Skinny Fabulous wins Soca Monarch 2015
Congratulations to Skinny Fabulous, on winning both titles in the St. Vincent Soca Monarch competition for 2015.  Skinny, first claimed the Ragga Soca Monarch title on the night with his patriotic 'This Island Is Mine' on the judges scorecards over Jamesy P's crowd favorite, 'Chronic Disorder'.  He then brought his energy to the masses with 'Mash Up International' to claim yet another double win in the competition. (*the audio unfortunately doesn't come in until the 1:55 mark and isn't the best quality, but you can definitely get a sense of the energy on the night)

Here are the official results as posted by CarnivalSVG.com

Ragga Soca Monarch Results

1st - Gamal Doyle - Skinny Fabulous - This Island is mine

2nd - James Jamesy P - Chronic Disorder

3rd - Delroy Fireman Hooper - Drunk Again

Soca Monarch Results

1st - Gamal ‘Skinny Fabulous’ Doyle - Mash up international  

2nd - Delroy ‘Fireman’ Hooper - Lunatic

3rd - Lancelot ‘Madskull’ Gloster-Scott - Alyo know me

4th - Rondy ‘Luta’ Mc Intosh - Charlie Charlie


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