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Mar 17, 2015

Carnival Mix #192 - Slept On Soca Pt. 2

Slept On Soca Pt. 2 - CalgarySoca
Let's face it, Groovy Soca 'ran' Trinidad Carnival for 2015. We're pretty certain that practically every Power Song was 'slept on' for the season. Therefore part 2 of the 'Slept On Soca' series was easy.....Play almost ANY Power tune. Most people didn't hear them anyway!

*We apologize for the uneven mic levels over the last couple weeks.  We're working on remedying the problem

Mar 7, 2015

Slept On Soca - Part One - Mar 2015

It happens every year with Trinidad Carnival......We end up hearing the SAME SONGS EVERYWHERE. Inevitably some pretty nice music falls through the cracks. We've tried to stay up with all the hot music for the 2015 season so of course we got caught in the same trap.  Just for kicks Drew and Majesti started playing 'little heard' songs and some favourites we hadn't touched in a while.  It ended up defining the show, and when we looked back we realized we'd have to do it again. With is part one of 'Slept on Soca'

Download mp3:

Mar 3, 2015

Carnival Mix #190 - Soca Radio Show

**The MIC IS LOW for the 1st 5 min, then gets fixed**.  With the show back to 1 hour, the crew attempts to put as much music as they can into the show.  Drew Atlas plays the first half with DJ Majesti finishing up the mix.  With Machel Montano in Canada for Dr Jay's "Return Fete" and Sekon Sta hanging out on "Trini Vibe TV's" D'Couch this weekend, expect lots of music from both artists on the show! Enjoy.
Download coming soon.