Dec 29, 2014

The Best 2014 Soca - year end review

At the end of 2014 the crew attempts to recap ALL the hit songs for the year and pick winners in the categories of best groovy, best power, tune of the year, artist of the year and more! Lets just say that we didn't agree on much mainly because there was so much good music for 2014. Enjoy!

Here were our personal picks for this year.  (The songs must have impacted at least one Carnival this year to be eligible.)

Best Groovy
Alisha:  Nadia Batson - Prisoner
Wolston:  Farmer Nappy - Big People Party
Anthony:  Lyrikal - Conquer Meh, Kerwin - Too Real, Bunji - Carnival Tabanca and Red Light District
Carrie:  Lead Pipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling, :  Lyrikal - Conquer Meh, Kerwin - Too Real, Bunji - Red Light District, Machel - HMA
Drew:  Lead Pipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling

Best Power 
Alisha: Machel -M.O.R
Wolston: Machel - M.O.R  and Iwer - Mama Oye
Majesti: Machel - M.O.R and Skinny Fabulous - Flatten
Anthony:  Machel - M.O.R , Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly and Iwer - Mama Oye
Carrie: Machel - M.O.R and Destra - Mash Up
Drew: Machel - M.O.R , Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly, Skinny Banton - Soak It, Skinny Fabulous - Red Button

Break Out Artist 
Alisha: Mr.  Killa
Wolston: Mr. Killa and Erphaan Alves
Majesti: Flipo
Anthony:  Preedy
Carrie: Lyrikal
Drew:  Lead Pipe and Saddis

Artist of the Year 
Alisha: Kerwin Du Bois
Wolston: Kes The Band
Majesti: Lil Rick
Anthony: Kerwin Du Bois
Carrie: Machel Montano
Drew: Machel Montano

Tune of the Year 
Alisha: Kes the Band - Too Drunk to Wine
Wolston: Farmer Nappy - Big People Party
Majesti: Machel- Endless Wuk (didn't impact any Carnivals in 2014)
Anthony: Kerwin Du Bois - Too Real
Carrie: Lead Pipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling
Drew: Kerwin Du Bois - Too Real

  1. Bunji Garlin - Red Light District 
  2. Mr. Shak - Bois - (Best Social Commentary 2014)
  3. Kimba Sorzano - How Meh name does taste (Best Viral promo)
  4. Saddis - Take Mi stress away  
  5. Lead Pipe - Carnival Addiction  
  6. Mr. Famous - Play more local  
  7. Biggie Irie - Pankatang  (Barbados Sweet Soca Monarch 2014)  
  8. Fireman Hooper - Rum Meeting (St Vincent Groovy Soca Monarch 2014)  
  9. Ricardo Drue - Vagabond (Antigua Groovy Monarch 2nd place)  
  10. Kerwin Dubois - Doh Beg
  11. Skinny Fabulous - BTW (Behaving the Worst)
  12. Machel Montano - HMA (Happiest Man Alive)  (Intl Groovy Soca Monarch 2nd place)  
  13. Bunji Garlin ft Kardinal Offishal - Truck on D Road
  14. Flipo - Doh Tell Me Dat
  15. Farmer Nappy - Big People Party 
  16. Teddyson John - Doh Hold Back
  17. Tian Winter - Cyah Miss it (Antigua Groovy Monarch) 
  18. Gorg - Meh Rum  (Barbados Party Monarch 2014)  
  19. Benjai - Come out to play
  20. Mayaro the Band - The Dhoti song 
  21. Skinny Banton - Soak it Good 
  22. Skinny Fabulous - Made for this (St. Vincent Power Soca 2nd place)
  23. Fireman Hooper - Unruly (St. Vincent Power Soca Monarch)
  24. Destra Garcia - Mash up (Intl Power Soca Monarch 2nd/tie)
  25. Machel Montano - M.O.R - (Intl Power Soca Monarch) 
  26. Mr. Killa - Rolly Polly - (Intl Power Soca Monarch 2nd/tie)
  27. Leadpipe and Saddis - Ah Feeling (Barbados 'Tune of the Crop) 
  28. Porgie and Murdah - Benup  
  29. Fadda Fox - Ducking
  30. Hypasounds - Dutti  
  31. Ki and 3Veni - Runaway - (Chutney Soca Monarch 2014)
  32. Ravi B - Bread 
  33. Lyrikal - Conquer Meh 
  34. Destra Garcia - A little Bit 
  35. Kes - Play de Music 
  36. Kes - True Masquerader
  37. Machel Montano - She Coming
  38. Kerwin Dubois - Spoil Mehself 
  39. Kerwin Dubois - Too real - (Intl Groovy Soca Monarch)  
  40. Kerwin Dubois and Lil Rick - Monster Winer 
  41. King Bubba FM, Kerwin Dubois, Lil Rick and Jah Cure - Partyak  
  42. Lil Rick - Great day 
  43. Machel Montano - EPIC 
  44. Machel Montano- Shameless 
  45. Timaya ft Machel Montano - Shake yuh Bum Bum
  46. Machel Montano - Sound bang 
  47. Chucky Gordon - Shaadi (Calypso Monarch 2014 T&T)
  48. Olatunji - Ola (2015)


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