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Oct 25, 2014

Join in CJSW's annual 'Funding Drive'

Once a year CJSW radio asks listeners to help fund its broadcasting efforts. CalgarySoca's 'Carnival Mix' show asks its listeners to help out today! Donate whatever you can and join in the fun!!  

This years funds go towards getting a podcasting service running.  That will mean you can LEGALLY download ALL of CJSW's shows knowing that the station will pay artists royalties!

For every pledge received you get:
$50 - Friends of CJSW discount card + 2 tickets to MASK fete (Friday night)
$75 - Best of 2014 Carnival CD - CJSW T-Shirt, Friends of CJSW discount card + 2 tickets to MASK fete (Friday night)
$120 - Best of KES, Best of 2014 and Best of 2013 CDs (Plus everything above)
$200 - 5 CDs (Best of 2012-2014 & KES CDs), CalgarySoca T-Shirt , CJSW Mug (Plus everything at $75 level)
$400 - CJSW Sweater, Backpack, CJSW Mug, VIP to EVERY CalgarySoca event for 2015, & everything else listed above!
Donating this year helps CJSW bring you licensed podcasts!
Pledge online via: (indicate you are donating on the 'Carnival Mix' show to receive all the stuff above!

Oct 18, 2014

Carnival Mix #171 - Benjai and Screws cause a 'stir'

Interrnationally the most talked about song of the week, turned out to be Benjai and Screws "No Ebola'.  On the show we weighed-in on what our thoughts were about the release.  We also continue to visit the riddims that came out just in time for Miami Carnival.  Enjoy

Carnival Mix #171

Oct 12, 2014

Carnival Mix # 170 - More Early 2015 Riddims

The Obsidian Awards, celebrating Caribbean and African achievements in Calgary, is on this Thanksgiving (Canada) weekend and Maxi Priest was in studio for the previous reggae show. He stuck around for a couple pics with the crew, so we played a couple of his Soca collaborations to warm up for the concert.  We also featured 3 new riddims to tease Carnival 2015.