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Mar 31, 2014

Carnival Mix #143 - featuring Skinny Fabulous
Vincy Soca Superstar, Skinny Fabulous was in Edmonton on Saturday for the always 'massive' 'Cold Sweat Fete' put on by ETR events. This week's show was dedicated to the growing library of Carnival hits from 'Skinny'. Skinny Fabulous even calls in to the show to let us know what he's been up to since Trinidad Carnival, and what fans can expect from him for this year's Vincy Mas.

The CalgarySoca crew has made 'Cold Sweat' a 'must-go-to' event for the past few years, but with scheduling conflicts here in Calgary, had to miss out this year. Skinny Fabulous lets us all know what he thought about that as well, Enjoy!

Mar 25, 2014

Carnival Mix #142 - Soca Radio Show
With Skinny Fabulous making his way to Edmonton on the 29th, we zero in on a couple of his tracks as well as check out some new jams from his fellow 'Vincy' Countrymen. Anthony threatens to dance like 'Benjai'. Drew fills a few requests, then joins Anthony in interrupting Carrie just enough that someone might get hurt.  Enjoy!
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Mar 17, 2014

Carnival Mix #141 - International Soca Mix

So Trinidad Carnival is over and you don't know what to do with yourself? Check out some of the international collaborations that ensure the Soca vibe continues around the world. This week we look forward to upcoming festivals with music not just from Trinidad, but also with new music from, St. Vincent, Antigua, Grenada, BIM, BVI, the UK, the US, Canada, Sweden, and even Japan. We also visit some of the Afrobeat rhythms that crossover so well with modern Soca. Machel Montano takes us 'raving' plus teams up with Ravi B and bring us the sounds of genuine Indian fusion. Bunji Garlin delivers a Brazilian Samba inspired gem, and Kerwin Du Bois and Lil Rick let us know what 'Monster Winers' from the Dominican Republic are capable of. Soca really is a 'World' music. Enjoy!

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Mar 9, 2014

CarnivalMix #140 - Trinidad Carnival Cool Down
After the massive festivities of Trinidad Carnival this year, it was time to take the traditional 'cool down'  This year Drew, Carrie and Anthony keep it Groovy with a bit of focus on some of the exceptional Kaiso that came out for the season, and even replay Phase II Pan Groove's winning Panorama performance.

Mar 4, 2014

Carnival Mix #139 - Trinidad Carnival 2014
2014 Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago was another excellent one.  Here Drew Atlas, Carrie and Anthony feature some of the biggest song, Roadmixes, Monarch Contenders and party favourites of the season.  Recorded on Carnival Saturday, there is also a recap of some of the major Carnival Soca titles for 2014.  Enjoy!

Mar 1, 2014

Kerwin wins Groovy, Machel retains Power. Killa is the Breakout

( International Soca Monarch Final results were announced shortly after 4am this morning after 21 artists went head to head for Soca Monarch bragging rights. In the end it was King Machel being crowned Power Soca Monarch for the 4th consecutive time, but his bid for a 3-peat in the Groovy category was denied by the crowd favourite, Kerwin Du Bois.   The ISM 2014 Final Results are as follows:   

2014 Power Soca Monarch Final Results 

1. Machel Montano (MOR) 
2. Mr. Killa (Rolly Polly) (Tie) 
2. Destra (Mash Up) (Tie) 
2. Iwer George (Mama Yo) (Tie)

2014 Groovy Soca Monarch Final Results 

1. Kerwin Du Bois (Too Real) 
2. Machel Montano (Happiest Man Alive) 
3. Farmer Nappy (Big People Party) 
4. Destra Garcia (First Time) 

Congratulations also goes out to crowd favourite Mr. Killa for securing the 'Breakout Artist' title ahead of Erphaan Alves.

Watch some of the best/most talked about performances of the night below: (1hr 26min)