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Feb 28, 2014

Best of Trinidad Carnival 2014 - Soca Mix

CalgarySoca's Drew Atlas delivers our annual compilation of the biggest hits of Carnival 2014.  This year's mix combines the best of the contenders for the International Soca Monarch Competition, with Road March contenders and other 'Fete' favourites.  Enjoy!

Feb 26, 2014

Watch Soca Monarch 2014 Streaming LIVE
Thank you to CarnivalTV (broadcasters of last year's Soca Monarch) for the link to this year's competition.

We can all experience the Pay-Per-View event for $19.95USD and the stream appears available for all internet devices including iOS and Android.

The names have been drawn for the order of appearance, plus confirmed performances from Bunji Garlin and Kes the Band in addition to the competitors, means this should be a 3-hour-plus concert experience that you don't want to miss:

 *We have been given 2 links to PPV.

For Canada and US viewers:

Viewers in the Caribbean ONLY :

Groovy Monarch order of Appearance
 Here is the Order of Performances for the Groovy Category on #ISM2014 Fantastic Friday!

  1. Ravi B
  2. Mr. Famous
  3. Erphaan Alves
  4. Skinny Fabulous (St. Vincent)
  5. Denise 'Saucy' Belfon
  6. Biggie Irie  (Barbados)
  7. Destra
  8. Tallpree (Grenada)
  9. Farmer Nappy
  10. Cassi
  11. Kerwin Du Bois
  12. Machel Montano

Power Monarch order of Appearance
Here is the Order of Performances for the Power Category on #ISM2014 Fantastic Friday!

  1. Ann-G (Japan) 
  2. Snakey 
  3. Nadia Batson 
  4. Patrice Roberts 
  5. Super Blue 
  6. Iwer George 
  7. Lyrikal 
  8. Devon Matthews 
  9. Destra 
  10. Mr. Killa (Grenada) 
  11. Machel Montano

Feb 23, 2014

Carnival Mix #138 - F.F.C Fete Recap

Friday night's 'First Fete for Carnival' (F.F.C) was massive! Thank you to everyone that came out and made it another experience to talk about. This week's show is in the spirit of the fete! If you were there and wanted the vibes again, or missed out and just needed a fix, then this mix is for you.

Feb 22, 2014

Carnival Mix #137 - Soca Monarch 2014 Finalists

We're sorry for the late post. The good news is you'll have twice as much music to listen to this week. The CalgarySoca crew delivered music from the finalists of the international Soca Monarch competition 2014 on the last show, and a few songs that we WISHED were in the competition as well.  Enjoy!

Feb 9, 2014

Carnival Mix #136 - Feb.08.2014 - Groovy Soca 2014

Last week's show we focused on some of the best Power Soca tracks for 2014. With the International Soca Monarch Competition heating up, we continue to focus on some of the favourite contenders and Groovy Songs that are in heavy rotation in TnT 2014.

Carnival Mix #136 - Groovy Soca 2014  Download coming soon

Feb 3, 2014

Carnival Mix #135 - POWER Soca
With Soca Monarch semis right around the corner, its time we got up to speed with the Power hits that are impacting T and T Carnival.  We also are happy to announce that in addition to being heard now on CJSW on Saturdays and on Sundays, the 'Carnival Mix' will be heard on on Tuesdays as well, starting on Feb. 4th 2014