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Jan 29, 2014

CalgarySoca can now be heard on
Starting Tuesday Feb 4th 2014, CalgarySoca's 'Carnival Mix' will be heard on  The show takes over the regular Tuesday 5-6pm (EST) slot and will of course continue to feature the Soca, Chutney, Kaiso, Island Pop and Pan that has been reaching Calgary listeners for close to 3yrs.  The crew joins an elite crew of presenters over at TeamSoca including, Canada's Dr. Jay, Florida's Barrie Hype, California's DJ Stephen, New York's DJ Spice and legendary Trinidad presenter Ian D' Goose.

Check out the Live Stream here

International Soca Monarch 2014 - Semi Finalists

Soca Monarch 2014
We're counting down the days to this year's Soca Monarch competition.  The semi-finalists were announced yesterday, and today the participants found out what order they would be competing in both the 'Groovy' and 'Power' categories. 

The show takes place on Sunday Feb 9th 2014 at Trinidad's Arima Velodrome.  Below are the performers in both 'Groovy' and 'Power' in their order of appearance.

Jan 26, 2014

Carnival Mix #134 - Island Pop and Power Soca on MyLimeRadio

For our first week as part of and we deliver an Island Pop and New Power Soca vibe in this week's mix. Yup, more brand new releases to get you ready for Trinidad Carnival 2014.

Jan 20, 2014

CalgarySoca joins!

Carnival Mix airs Sun 11am-noon (EST) currently plays Caribbean music online 24/7 and features DJs from the US, Trinidad and some of Canada's best DJs, such as DJ Soca Sweetness, Renegade Squad and Mr. Playhouse.

Starting Sunday January 26th 2014, the CalgarySoca crew will be bringing their year round passion for Soca to the network. The show will continue to feature host/DJ Drew Atlas with co-hosts Carrie and Anthony, and focus on everything from Soca, 'Island Pop', Chutney, Pan, etc.

In addition to their regular slot on Calgary's CJSW 90.9fm on Saturdays, check for 'the Carnival Mix' now every Sunday from 11am-noon (EST) {9am-10am (MST)} on

Jan 19, 2014

Carnival Mix #133 - All Heat, No Talk

As the crew was off to Edmonton to party with DJ Soca Sweetness for IV Entertainment's first party of the year, Drew prepared a mix of even more new hits to get you ready for Trinidad Carnival 2014.  This one is all heat, not talk.

Download mp3

Jan 14, 2014

Get Ready for F.F.C 2014
F.F.C is here again.  Its the First Fete for Carnival in Calgary for the year! Get familiar with all the hits for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival as CalgarySoca returns to Local 002 (2 Richard Way SW, Calgary) for a massive night of Soca. Friday February 21. 2014.  Music by Drew Atlas and Sherman Hype

*Thank you to everyone that came out.  See some of the pics from the night HERE

Jan 12, 2014

Carnival Mix #132 - Jan.11.2014 - WHEEEEL!!!

We start 2014 on a good foot thanks to all the hits that have come out so far.  We were jumping all over the studio and had to 'blow the horn' and  'wheel' almost every tune that we heard.  This mix will be on replay for a long time! Enjoy!

Jan 4, 2014

Get fit for 2014 with 'Buss a Sweat 5' from Ruan Legend

Early into 2014 many new year's resolutions include getting into 'Carnival Shape' for Trinidad 2014.  We found this massive mix from Ruan Legend of Dei Musicale (the musical gods) that should be in everyone's workout playlist.  It's called 'Buss a Sweat 2013' but don't get it twisted its 2014 ready!  Add it to yours now and get 'ready for the road'