Sep 23, 2013

No post last week? No worries, 2 shows archived this week!

Its been a very busy summer for the CalgarySoca crew.  We apologise that we didn't get a chance to update the page with last weeks show, but the good news is that you have 2 shows to enjoy this week.  Last week, with Drew and Carrie away, Anthony had to fly solo and had a chance to replay a favourite mix from our personal archives (not mixed by CalgarySoca.)

It had been a while, but the whole crew was finally back together this week and with some new music in tow, very promising news about the ailing Mighty Sparrow, and the boys JUST get away with NOT forgetting a very special event before the end of the show.


This week's show #116: Sep.21st 2013

  1. Erphann Alves Ft. Alternative Quartet - Angel 
  2. Oozeela - Diaspora
  3. Sparrow - Big Bamboo
  4. Super Blue - Champion Daddy 
  5. Verseewild - Dibby In A Fete
  6. Verseewild - Scab It Out  
  7. Unda Dawg - Me Nah Care
  8. Bobo Ft. Fada Fox - Boat 
  9. Chucky - Take Your Time 
  10. Farmer Nappy - All Ah Dat Soca
  11. K. Kay Ft. Fya Empress... - Wine Up On Me
  12. Denise Belfon - De Ting Buff 
  13. Kerwin Du Bois - Fight D Feeling 
  14. Baba Shanta - Exhale
  15. Lyrikal - Conquer Meh 
  16. Blaxx - Leh Go (Roadmix)
  17. Kerwin Du Bois Ft. Lil Rick - Monster Winer (Travis World Roadmix)
  18. Lil Rick - Wild Out (Addicted Riddim)
  19. Patrice Roberts - Pull Me Over (Addicted Riddim) 
  20. Konshens - Re Up All Meh Drinkers (Addicted Riddim) 
  21. Machel Montano - Bruk It (Addicted Riddim)
  22. Allison Hinds - Bubble and Kotch (Bang Ba Dang Riddim)  
  23. Posh - Time To Party (Bang Ba Dang Riddim) 
  24. Gary Cordner - We Winning Dey 
  25. Troubadours - Ripe Plantain  
  26. Machel MontanoFt. Sparrow - Congo Man 
  27. Tallpree - Celery
  28. Fya Empress - We Ready (Emergency Riddim)  
  29. Destra Garcia - Mash up (Emergency Riddim) 
  30. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag 
  31. Skinny Fabulous - The General 
  32. Tallpree Ft. Mighty Sparrow - Drink Drunk 
  33. Rupee - You Never Know 

Last week's show #115: Sep. 14th 2013


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