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Aug 26, 2013

Bunji Garlin in Edmonton Aug 10th - pics

This year's Edmonton Cariwest festival afterparty was epic to say the least.  1000 people out to see Bunji Garlin perform at 'Encore' in West Edmonton Mall with the hottest Soca and Reggae music played by DJ Soca Sweetness and CalgarySoca's Drew Atlas

Check out the pics on Evan Rutherford's Facebook page

Aug 25, 2013

Carnival Mix - #112 - Marvin Culture Groovy Mix

Big thanks this week to DJ Marvin Culture as he delivers his Groovy Mix for 2013 for Calgary to enjoy.  This one is 'full up' of hits for sure.  Somehow Marvin gets close to 50 hits into one hour!  Enjoy!

Aug 19, 2013

Carnival Mix #111 - DJ Sherman Hype - Aug.17.2013

After last week's Edmonton Cariwest experience, and with some of the crew handling duties at Calgary's Reggaefest on the weekend, DJ Sherman Hype steps up to deliver his brand of Soca Heat. Watch out for a healthy dose of Carnival hits with a definite St. Lucian flare. Enjoy!

Aug 14, 2013

Carnival Mix #110 - Cariwest 2013 (Warm Up mix)

Carrie and Drew stuck around in Calgary after the Bunji Garlin show the night before while Anthony headed up to Edmonton early Saturday to take in the parade. Everybody met up in the 'City of Champions' later for the city's annual Caribbean Festival afterparty which was just epic. Bunji Garlin, DJ Soca Sweetness and the CalgarySoca crew. Thanks to Evan T Rutherford for the most amazing fete Alberta has seen to date! This was the warm up mix with Grenada's and Barbados' Soca Monarchs. There is some new music from T&T, Roadmixes, and of course Bunji Garlin. Enjoy!

Aug 9, 2013

Bunji Garlin LIVE in Calgary - August 9th 2013

A huge thank you to Bunji Garlin for leaving his mark on feters in both Calgary and Edmonton last weekend!

The 'Viking of Soca' brought the 'differentology' show first to Calgary on Friday night alongside the CalgarySoca crew and DJ Soca Sweetness for what turned out to be an epic VIP concert experience.
Bunji did favourite after favourite for over an hour on Friday night, and was gracious enough to stick around for pictures well after his concert performance, giving his Calgary an experience to remember. 

Saturday he was in Edmonton for the city's annual Cariwest festival.  Bunji Garlin brought down the house at what is now officially Alberta's largest Soca fete ever with over 1000 in attendance at Encore nightclub!

Thank you to IV Entertainment for the Edmonton hospitality and an amazing experience.  Check out the Edmonton pics here.

Bunji Garlin at Vinyl Dance Lounge
213 10 Ave SW Calgary

Aug 4, 2013

Best of Bunji Garlin - Soca Radio Show

This weekend all eyes were on Toronto Carnival and Cropover Barbados, but with less than a week to go for Bunji Garlin in Calgary, we dug in for a 'Best of Bunji Garlin' show. If you're a real Bunji fan, we're sure you'll play this one LOUD. I don't know about you, but 'We Ready....'

Get your tickets for the Bunji Garlin Fete here

Aug 3, 2013

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Didn't make it to Cropover this year?  Couldn't get out to Toronto for their Caribbean Carnival?  The cure for your 'Carnival Tabanca' is just days away!

Bunji Garlin brings the 'Differentology' show to Calgary on Friday August 9th at Vinyl and Hyde (213 10 Ave SW  Calgary)

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