Jun 24, 2013

Carnival Mix #103 - Soca Radio Show - ft. Farmer Nappy

Straight out of the HD camp, Farmer Nappy was in the province for the weekend.  Parts of Calgary had been shut down due to massive flooding and Farmer's show even had to be relocated.  The crew caught up with Farmer Nappy via telephone on his way back into town from Edmonton and there was a bit of technical difficulty with the phone signal, but we still had a chance to hear from the man and even debuted his new track.

With a massive performance the same night from Blaxx in Edmonton, Soca helped keep Albertans' spirits high this weekend.  Check for new tracks from Lil Rick, Shurwayne Winchester, Allison Hinds, Destra, Patrice blesses the 'Redrum Riddim' and a massive "Carnival Tabanca" release from Bunji Garlin!

  1. Farmer Nappy - Flirt 
  2. Farmer Nappy - Go Brave 
  3. Lil Rick - So Nice 
  4. Farmer Nappy - Chippin
  5. *Farmer Nappy - Interview
  6. Farmer Nappy - Down Low
  7. *Farmer Nappy - Interview
  8. Farmer Nappy - First Dance
  9. *Farmer Nappy - Interview
  10. Farmer Nappy - Stranger 
  11. Bunji Garlin - Carnival Tabanca
  12. Allison Hinds - A Ladies Anthem (Jiggle Riddim)
  13. Shurwayne Winchester - Wine Gyal Wine (Jiggle Riddim)
  14. Patrice Roberts - Carnival Spirit (Redrum Riddim)
  15. Kerwin Du Bois ft. Farmer Nappy - Pavement
  16. Fyah Empress ft. Shurwayne Winchester - Ah Ketch It
  17. Farmer Nappy - Risky (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  18. Farmer Nappy f. Lady G - Surrender (Remix) 
  19. Farmer Nappy - Drunk (Paradise Riddim)  
  20. Lil Rick - Serious Wine
  21. Tallpree - Jab Jab Nation (Vintage Riddim)
  22. Blaxx - Tusty
  23. Farmer Nappy - I Pay For This 
  24. Destra Garcia - Mash Up (Emergency Riddim)

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