Jan 3, 2013

The Best of 2012, but not our Best Show

We played the best of 2012, but it definitely wasn't our best show. We kicked off 2013 with what was to be a mix of all the hits from Carnivals across the Caribbean in the last year. The crew made it in to the studio to find that there was a problem with some of the hardware and, after trying for 15min to get it fixed, abandoned the mix idea and just delivered the music directly from Drew's laptop.

With the show cut short, some of the 'Best Of' tracks had to be dropped for the sake of time and what we are left with is the 'abbreviated' version of the 'Best Of' Show. We still had a ton of fun in the end, and Drew promises to have ANOTHER complete mix for us (ALMOST DOUBLE THE SONGS) by the weekend to make up for this week's mishap. Either way, enjoy and Happy New Year!


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