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Jan 31, 2013

Canival Mix - CJSW - Jan.30.2013 - Riddims

The crew takes one last 'Jump up' this week before both the F.F.C fete in Calgary, and leaving for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. The entire show focuses on some the hottest 'riddims' of 2013. Turn up the volume 'cause this one is on Fire! 

Jan 27, 2013

Best of Trinidad Carnival 2013 - Soca Mix

Get familiar with the biggest hits of the season.  Drew delivers a 74min mix of only the best Soca and rest assured these will all be featured at the FFC fete!  Stream it from on your Mixcloud app or take the digital copy with you, either way enjoy 2013's most popular soca hits

Download mp3

Jan 26, 2013

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Jan.23.2013

As Carnival 2013 comes ever closer, we narrow down the playlist to the biggest hits for the season plus update everyone on the massive Soca Monarch Related news that happened in the past week.

Jan 23, 2013

International Soca Monarch 2013 Finalists

Below are the artists that have qualified for the Finals of the competition happening on Friday February 8th 2013 in Trinidad and Tobago. 

There were a few surprises as some of the favourites going into the semi finals last Sunday at the Arima Velodrome, didn't move on the next round. Its still a very strong field and all eyes will be on the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 'Fantastic Friday' to see who takes the crown this year.

Digicel International Groovy Monarch Finalists:


1.Farmer Nappy
3.Denise Belfon
6.Ravi B
7.Patrice Roberts
9.Iwer George
10.Nadia Batson

 Play Whe International Power Monarch Finalists:


1. Super Blue
2. Shurwayne Winchester
3. Lil Bitts
4. Swappi 4D
5. Destra Garcia
6. Devon Matthews
7. Benjai
8. Fya Empress
9. Talpree
10. JW & Blaze

For more information go to the Soca Monarch's official site:

Jan 18, 2013

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Jan.16.2013

We continue with the hits for 2013 Carnival in T&T. This week we focus on the Power Soca Hits. Enjoy

  1. Terry Lyons - Wake it up
  2. Kes & Kerwin Du Bois - Disgustin 
  3. Devon Matthews - Start It Up 
  4. Skinny Fabulous & Machel Montano - Monstrosity 
  5. Bunji Garlin - Vikings Coming 
  6. Swappi - Cha-Os 
  7. Blaxx & Roy Cape All Stars - Scatter 
  8. Ziggy Ranking - Whole Day 
  9. Faye Ann Lyons - Eff 
  10. Iwer George - Unfinished Business 
  11. Bunji Garlin & Talpree - Bad Like We
  12. Kes - I am Carnival 
  13. Michelle Xavier - I Cyah Wait
  14. Adrian Dutchin - Jook 
  15. Machel Montano - Witch Doctor 
  16. Shurwayne Winchester - We Control D Road 
  17. Denise Belfon - Taking Everything 
  18. Destra Garcia - Rip D Runway 
  19. Nadia Batson & SASS - Gutter 
  20. Nadia Batson - Doh Tell Mi (Intercol Riddim) 
  21. Kerwin Du Bois - Yuh Role (Intercol Riddim) 
  22. Bunji Garlin - Journey Continues (Intercol Riddim) 
  23. Machel Montano - Energy High (Intercol Riddim) 
  24. Machel Montano - Float 
  25. Super Blue - Fantastic Friday 
  26. Prophet Benjamin - Cock It 
  27. Machel Montano &Drupatee - Indian Gyal 
  28. KI - Friends For The Night
  29. Calypso Rose - Fire In Me Wire 

Jan 10, 2013

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Jan.09.2013

This week we finally get a chance to dive into the hits for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2013. The crew goes through some of the favorites for the International Soca Monarch as the official list of artistes competing in the Semi Finals was released this week. Enjoy!

Calypso Rose in Calgary - Jan 17th 2013. Tickets only $12

Don't miss Tobagonian legend, Calypso Rose in Calgary on January 17th at the Gateway (on SAIT campus)

With special guests Socalled.
Tickets are $12 at the Gateway, MC107, & Sloth Records. $16.50 at Ticketmaster.
Doors at 8pm. 18+ only

Check out the clip below of her on stage just last year in our province at Edmonton's Folk festival

Jan 9, 2013

Soca Monarch 2013 Semi Finalists announced - No Kes! What of Machel in finals?

Thanks to the Trinidad Guardian Site we have the list of the Semi Finalists for both the Digicel International Groovy Soca Monarch and the Play Whe International Power Soca Monarch competitions for 2013.

Noticeably absent from the line-up is former Groovy Monarch, Kes.  Now, as the reigning champion in both the Power and Groovy categories, Machel Montano should be automatically in the finals, but we'll wait on an official announcement before we are certain. Changes to this year's Soca Monarch rules no longer allow anyone competing on 'Fantastic Friday' from performing at any other event on that Friday night into Saturday morning without facing a 'a significant penalty'.  Machel also awaits sentencing, set for Jan 17th, after being found guilty last month on 5 criminal charges.  How these circumstances affect the Soca superstar remain to be seen.

Machel did reassure fans however that he would be present for all 2013 Carnival engagements at the 'Savage Saturday' fete in Chaguaramas last weekend. 

Also of note, crowd favourite and another former Power Soca Monarch, Bunji Garlin is absent from the Power category, but look for him as a front runner in the Groovy Soca category with his smash 'Differentology'

The semi finals will be happening on January 20 at the Arima Velodrome in Trinidad and has a fantastic lineup with 30 competitors in each category.  Just who will be present in the finals?  We'll all just have to wait and see.

For the entire list of semifinalists - Click below

Jan 5, 2013

80mins of the BEST OF 2012

As promised, below is a more complete mix featuring the best Soca Songs for 2012.  These songs would have all impacted in their respective countries and parties around the world for last year's Carnival Seasons.

The mix is NOT just of the hits from Trinidad Carnival, but rather encompasses other Jumpy, Power, Sweet, Groovy, Ragga, Spice Mas, etc, Monarchs and RoadMarch tunes. There were literally HUNDREDS of tunes that came out last year.  This is the BEST of The BEST that we could squeeze into 80mins. Enjoy!

  1. I Am Soca - Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts 
  2. Bam Bam Talk (SVG Ragga Soca Monarch) - Fya Empress 
  3. Cya Fail Me [Antigua Groovy Monarch] -  Tian Winter 
  4. Wining Addiction -  Shurwayne Winchester 
  5. Surrender [Official Remix] -  Farmer Nappy f. Lady G. 
  6. Single Forever (Chutney Soca Monarch) - KI & 3Veni 
  7. Spice Island Summer (Spice Mas Groovy Monarch) - Shortpree 
  8. Runaway - Kerwin Du Bois Feat. Bunji Garlin 
  9. The People's Champion (3zero riddim) - Benjai 
  10. Bottle Of Rum (3zero riddim) - Machel Montano 
  11. Feting (BIM Calypso Monarch 2012) - Red Plastic Bag 
  12. We Loose (Sweet Soca Monarch BIM) - Mikey ft. Destra 
  13. Baddist - Destra with Kerwin Du Bois 
  14. No Pressure -  Nadia Batson  
  15. Trouble (Soca Ska Riddim) -  Shall Marshall 
  16. Rave Out - Skinny Fabulous Feat. Busy Signal 
  17. Garlic Sauce - All Rounder 
  18. Kick Een She Back Doh (Antigua Roadmarch) - Onyan & The Burning Flames 
  19. True Vincy[Calypso Monarch SVG] - Fya Empress 
  20. Land Of Wine (SLU Groovy Soca Monarch) -  Teddyson John 
  21. In Your Eyes (Antilles Riddim) - Erphaan Alves 
  22. Shiver (Antilles Riddim) - Nadia Batson 
  23. Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim) - Machel Montano 
  24. Bacchanalist (Antilles Riddim) - Kerwin Du Bois 
  25. Mr. Fete (Intl. Groovy Soca Monarch) -  Machel Montano 
  26. Link Up - Destra Garcia 
  27. Throw Wine - Prophet Bejamin 
  28. Jab (No Pain) - Iwer George 
  29. Bucket -  Swappi 
  30. Miss Behave (Bad Dog Riddim) - Fay-ann lyons 
  31. Born Ready -  Bunji Garlin 
  32. No Behaviour [Cropover Party Monarch] - Mikey Mercer
  33. Supaman [Antigua Power Monarch 2nd] - Ricardo Dru
  34. Raving [Antigua Power Monarch] - Tian Winter Feat. Onyan 
  35. Rum Please (SVG 2012 Roadmarch) - Fya Empress
  36. Psycho (Spice Mas Soca Monarch 2012) -  Lavaman 
  37. Monster (Vincy Soca Monarch 2012] -  Skinny Fabulous 
  38. Pump Yuh Flag (Intl. Power Soca Monarch) -  Machel Montano

Jan 3, 2013

The Best of 2012, but not our Best Show

We played the best of 2012, but it definitely wasn't our best show. We kicked off 2013 with what was to be a mix of all the hits from Carnivals across the Caribbean in the last year. The crew made it in to the studio to find that there was a problem with some of the hardware and, after trying for 15min to get it fixed, abandoned the mix idea and just delivered the music directly from Drew's laptop.

With the show cut short, some of the 'Best Of' tracks had to be dropped for the sake of time and what we are left with is the 'abbreviated' version of the 'Best Of' Show. We still had a ton of fun in the end, and Drew promises to have ANOTHER complete mix for us (ALMOST DOUBLE THE SONGS) by the weekend to make up for this week's mishap. Either way, enjoy and Happy New Year!