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Dec 29, 2013

Best of 2013 - The biggest songs of the year!

It that time of year again when we try to compile all the music that we heard for 2013 Carnivals into a list of the BIGGEST songs of the year. There is no way that we can include ALL the hits in just one hour, so we break it down to Soca Monarch winners, Roadmarch songs and fete favourites from as many Caribbean islands as we can. All of your favourites might not be on the list, but I'm sure we all agree on what was, without a doubt, the song of the year!

Dec 22, 2013

Carnival Mix #129 - Soca Parang Mix 2013

Merry Christmas! This week the crew celebrates with an all-Soca Parang mix, including favourites and new releases for 2013. Join Carrie and Anthony, while Drew Atlas delivers the mix Enjoy!

Dec 15, 2013

Carnival Mix #128 - Soca Parang Fete Warmup!

We had been talking about the fete for weeks and it was finally here. Here is the official warm-up mix for CalgarySoca's Parang Soca Fete.  The best of the new riddims that will surely be affecting us well into 2014 along with new and favourite Parang Soca hits.  Enjoy!

Dec 9, 2013

Carnival Mix #127 - Early 2014 Riddims for Christmas

Here's an early Christmas Present.  This week you get all the music from our last show, without any talk.  This week's new riddims include the 'Classic 60s Riddim', and the Wildness Riddim, plus new Benjai, Ravi B, Denise Belfon, Iwer George and more.   Enjoy!

Nov 30, 2013

Carnival Mix #126 - Drew's Birthday Mix

No surprise, there are more new Groovy songs looking to take hold for 2014 Carnival. Sweet Soca, Island Pop and some more Parang Soca to get you through the weekend. (P.S. It's Drew's Birthday)

Nov 24, 2013

Carnival Mix #125 - Riddim and Parang Soca

As we come to the end of November we're still getting new Soca music for 2014 by the week, but we also start to feature the Parang vibes and get in the Christmas spirit. Enjoy.

Nov 17, 2013

Carnival Mix #124 - 'Sando' Riddim and more!

Much like the effect of the Antilles Riddim a couple years back, Precision productions delivers another hot one for 2014 to get us moving.  Get familiar with the Sando Riddim this week, featuring music from Machel, Patrice, Farmer Nappy, Jaiga, and more.  Anthony holds down the mic duties solo, while Drew deliver's the mix. Enjoy!

Nov 11, 2013

Carnival Mix #123 - New 2014 Soca pt. 2

As promised the crew got their hands on some more Bunji Garlin music for this week, including the new Major Lazer x Kubiyashi produced 'Its A Carnival', a collabo with Gyptian and the surprise  'track-of-the-week' called 'Red Light Disstrict', but that wasn't all.  There were a few more 'gems' sprinkled in as well as a special guest stopped by the studio to hang out.  Enjoy!

Download coming soon

Nov 2, 2013

Carnival Mix #122 - ALL NEW 2014 Soca

We had a bunch of new music that we really wanted to play this week, including a couple featuring Kees and Farmer Nappy, plus a brand new Kubiyashi produced Machel Montano. Production from Star Blu and GBM. Throw in some new Nadia Batson, Denise Belfon, Problem Child and Lyrikal on new riddims, and get familiar as 'Super Jigga' takes a new name.

 At this pace it looks like 2014 will have a TON of music to choose from for T&T Carnival. We ready!

Oct 28, 2013

This Christmas, don't miss the 'Parang Soca' Fete

CalgarySoca brings the real Caribbean Chirstmas spirit to the city with our annual Parang Soca Fete.  Music by Drew Atlas and Sherman Hype.  Dance the night away to traditional Parang music and the biggest Soca hits

 Click HERE for Tickets!

MASK2 Warm-Up Mix - Oct.26th.2013

This Saturday we had the massive MASK2 fete in Calgary's South at the New Shark Club. Sherman Hype joined the crew in studio for a massive Warm-Up session. The vibes on-air was crazy and the party later that night was epic, with EVERYONE in Masks and Costumes. Check for the pics!

Oct 21, 2013

CJSW's Funding Drive 2013 - Oct.19.2013

Its time  again for the station's annual funding drive!  This entire week at CJSW 90.9 fm ALL 200+ programmers ask their listeners to help raise funds to maintain and improve the station.  Its always an energetic time at the station with exceptional support from Calgary's community.

Last year's goal of $200,000 was reached and the funds put towards boosting the station's signal strength.  This year's financial goal is the same with the effort on updating the entire station's web presence, podcasting over 200 shows every week, and the licensing of music that comes with each program.  Lofty, but the station is well on its way to hitting the goal.

Thank you to EVERYONE who pledged live on the show or ONLINE (you can still pledge directly to CJSW.  Make sure to let the station know that you are a 'Carnival Mix' supporter when you pledge). 

Oct 13, 2013

Carnival Mix #119 - Back In Times Show - Oct. 12.2013

This week, Anthony holds down the fort solo! As promised here is the 'Back-in-times' show featuring some of the all time favourites from years ago. We were able to dig up some real gems but credit goes to DJ V-Nasty for the majority of the mix this week as he had an excellent selection that we wanted to feature.

Oct 11, 2013

2 Massive Miami Mixes

Miami Carnival is this weekend and if, like the CalgarySoca crew, you aren't going to be there the least you can do is add these mixes to your library. Pure Miami Heat!

DJ Crown Prince x Jester x Barrie Hype x Dr. Jay
SupaSoca 20

This has become the MUST HAVE remix Soca CD series of the year featuring some of the world's best known DJs.  Now up to volume 20 and featuring Soca fused with EDM genres in a mix of All-Energy-Goodness.  Get this one on your mp3 player now!

DJ Private Ryan
Bienvenido A Miami
Crowd favourite, DJ private Ryan also delivers a massive Miami warm-up mix. New releases from Barbados, Trinidad, St Lucia, Antigua ,Grenada, St Vincent and some flashbacks of Trinidad Carnival 2013 all in 45 minutes. Enjoy!

Oct 6, 2013

Carnival Mix #118 - Miami Carnival Warm-Up

The October calendar looks full for the Calgary Soca crew.  The station's annual 'funding drive', the highly anticipated 'MASK2' fete,  and a requested 'back in times' edition of the Carnival Mix are all in store for the next few weeks.

The crew was having a 'Carnival Tabanca' as with everything going on no one could make it down to Miami's Carnival this year.  The solution.....have a Miami Carnival warm up party in Studio!


Sep 29, 2013

Carnival Mix #117 - Soca Radio Show - Sep.28.2013

This week's show mixed a bit of the old with the new. The pace is a bit different to what we are accustomed to, almost all laid back, but enjoy the mix of songs none the less.

Sep 25, 2013

CalgarySoca presents MASK 2

Thank you to everyone that helped get the city into the Halloween spirit, Caribbean Style!  CalgarySoca was proud to present MASK 2 at the beautiful Shark Club in the South of Calgary.  There were some amazing masks, Carnival Costumes or Halloween attire as we danced the night away to Soca Music all night long spun by Drew Atlas and Sherman Hype.

Sep 23, 2013

No post last week? No worries, 2 shows archived this week!

Its been a very busy summer for the CalgarySoca crew.  We apologise that we didn't get a chance to update the page with last weeks show, but the good news is that you have 2 shows to enjoy this week.  Last week, with Drew and Carrie away, Anthony had to fly solo and had a chance to replay a favourite mix from our personal archives (not mixed by CalgarySoca.)

It had been a while, but the whole crew was finally back together this week and with some new music in tow, very promising news about the ailing Mighty Sparrow, and the boys JUST get away with NOT forgetting a very special event before the end of the show.


This week's show #116: Sep.21st 2013

Sep 10, 2013

Carnival Mix #114 - Best of Summer Soca - Radio Show

As summer comes to a close we go through some of the biggest Caribbean Carnival Hits of the holidays. This week we get down with the new monarchs and 'road-marches' from Antigua, Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia, and Grenada. There are remixes, road-mixes and general crowd favourites thrown in as well. Enjoy!

Sep 1, 2013

Carnival Mix Show #113 - Trinidad Independence Mix

Happy long weekend to everyone. This week's show also fell on Trinidad and Tobago's 51st independence Day so went in on some big Trini Hits! National Pride for the red, white and black. Enjoy!

Aug 26, 2013

Bunji Garlin in Edmonton Aug 10th - pics

This year's Edmonton Cariwest festival afterparty was epic to say the least.  1000 people out to see Bunji Garlin perform at 'Encore' in West Edmonton Mall with the hottest Soca and Reggae music played by DJ Soca Sweetness and CalgarySoca's Drew Atlas

Check out the pics on Evan Rutherford's Facebook page

Aug 25, 2013

Carnival Mix - #112 - Marvin Culture Groovy Mix

Big thanks this week to DJ Marvin Culture as he delivers his Groovy Mix for 2013 for Calgary to enjoy.  This one is 'full up' of hits for sure.  Somehow Marvin gets close to 50 hits into one hour!  Enjoy!

Aug 19, 2013

Carnival Mix #111 - DJ Sherman Hype - Aug.17.2013

After last week's Edmonton Cariwest experience, and with some of the crew handling duties at Calgary's Reggaefest on the weekend, DJ Sherman Hype steps up to deliver his brand of Soca Heat. Watch out for a healthy dose of Carnival hits with a definite St. Lucian flare. Enjoy!

Aug 14, 2013

Carnival Mix #110 - Cariwest 2013 (Warm Up mix)

Carrie and Drew stuck around in Calgary after the Bunji Garlin show the night before while Anthony headed up to Edmonton early Saturday to take in the parade. Everybody met up in the 'City of Champions' later for the city's annual Caribbean Festival afterparty which was just epic. Bunji Garlin, DJ Soca Sweetness and the CalgarySoca crew. Thanks to Evan T Rutherford for the most amazing fete Alberta has seen to date! This was the warm up mix with Grenada's and Barbados' Soca Monarchs. There is some new music from T&T, Roadmixes, and of course Bunji Garlin. Enjoy!

Aug 9, 2013

Bunji Garlin LIVE in Calgary - August 9th 2013

A huge thank you to Bunji Garlin for leaving his mark on feters in both Calgary and Edmonton last weekend!

The 'Viking of Soca' brought the 'differentology' show first to Calgary on Friday night alongside the CalgarySoca crew and DJ Soca Sweetness for what turned out to be an epic VIP concert experience.
Bunji did favourite after favourite for over an hour on Friday night, and was gracious enough to stick around for pictures well after his concert performance, giving his Calgary an experience to remember. 

Saturday he was in Edmonton for the city's annual Cariwest festival.  Bunji Garlin brought down the house at what is now officially Alberta's largest Soca fete ever with over 1000 in attendance at Encore nightclub!

Thank you to IV Entertainment for the Edmonton hospitality and an amazing experience.  Check out the Edmonton pics here.

Bunji Garlin at Vinyl Dance Lounge
213 10 Ave SW Calgary

Aug 4, 2013

Best of Bunji Garlin - Soca Radio Show

This weekend all eyes were on Toronto Carnival and Cropover Barbados, but with less than a week to go for Bunji Garlin in Calgary, we dug in for a 'Best of Bunji Garlin' show. If you're a real Bunji fan, we're sure you'll play this one LOUD. I don't know about you, but 'We Ready....'

Get your tickets for the Bunji Garlin Fete here

Aug 3, 2013

Buy 5 tickets to Bunji and get 1 more free!

NOW, THIS WEEK ONLY when you buy 5 tickets you will receive ONE EXTRA TICKET FREE!

Didn't make it to Cropover this year?  Couldn't get out to Toronto for their Caribbean Carnival?  The cure for your 'Carnival Tabanca' is just days away!

Bunji Garlin brings the 'Differentology' show to Calgary on Friday August 9th at Vinyl and Hyde (213 10 Ave SW  Calgary)

Getting your bonus ticket is easy:
  1. Purchase a group of 5 tickets online (or call for delivery)
  2. Receive a promotional code via email for your extra ticket.
  3. Enter promo code at: 
  4. Make the 'lime' bigger, or use your free ticket to introduce friends to Soca music.  The choice is yours because the ticket is FREE!

This is your last chance to get the group together and come out for Calgary's last big Soca show of the summer.

Get your Bunji Garlin tickets online now,  or call 403-701-8041 or 403-585-1659 for delivery 

Jul 29, 2013

Barbados Sweet Soca & Party Monarch Results 2013

The Results are in for the Barbados Crop Over Soca Monarch Competitions. The Sweet Soca and Party Monarch results are in after Sunday's competition that took place at Bushy Park, Workhall in St. Philip. 
Blood singing "Ah Can't Wait" took the Sweet Soca Monarch title with the very popular Biggie Irie taking second place followed by Red Plastic Bag with his song "Right Now". In the Party Soca Monarch category Soca Kartel won with a song titled "Roll It"Mikey took second place with Blood coming in third.  Congratulations to all the competitors!

 Sweet Soca Monarch results:
Name of Singer
  1. Blood
  2. Biggie Irie
  3. Red Plastic Bag
  4. Mikey
Name of Song
  1. Ah Can't Wait
  2. Need A Riddim
  3. Right Now
  4. Enjoy Meh Life
Party Soca Monarch results:

Name of Singer
  1. Soca Kartel
  2. Mikey
  3. Blood
  4. Khiomal
Name of Song
  1. Roll It
  2. Ready Again
  3. Mo Fyah
  4. De Recipe

The Results are in for the Barbados Crop Over Soca Monarch Competitions. The Sweet Soca and Party Monarch results were announced early this morning after last nights competition that took place at Bushy Park, Workhall in St. Philip. 
Blood singing "Ah Can't Wait" took the Sweet Soca Monarch title with the very popular Biggie Irie taking second place followed by Red Plastic Bag with his song "Right Now". In the Party Soca Monarch category Soca Kartel won with a song titled "Roll It" beating Mikey into second place with Blood coming in third in this competition.  Congratulations to all who took part in these competitions!

Here are the results for the Sweet Soca Monarch:
Name of Singer
  1. Blood
  2. Biggie Irie
  3. Red Plastic Bag
  4. Mikey
Name of Song
  1. Ah Can't Wait
  2. Need A Riddim
  3. Right Now
  4. Enjoy Meh Life
Here are the results for the Party Soca Monarch:
Name of Singer
  1. Soca Kartel
  2. Mikey
  3. Blood
  4. Khiomal
Name of Song
  1. Roll It
  2. Ready Again
  3. Mo Fyah
  4. De Recipe
- See more at:

Jul 28, 2013

Carnival Mix #108 - Cropover 2013 Finalists

With both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarchs going down in Barbados on the weekend, the crew gets into the finalists in both categories for 2013. There is also still no shortage of new music from other Caribbean islands, so we squeeze in a few including a new Bunji Garlin track called 'Streets'

Jul 24, 2013

Carnival Mix #107 - St. Lucia Soca Monarch Results - Jul.20.2013

The crew continues to celebrate the festivals happening in the city and around the world this week.  In Calgary. heavyweight DJ Sound 'Major Lazer' brought their Caribbean infused EDM vibes to the 'Mad Decent Block Party',  while the Soca Monarch finals had just wrapped up in St. Lucia the week prior.  Congratulations are in order for 'Ricky T' for capturing the crown in both the 'Power' and 'Groovy' Categories.

To celebrate, Drew played all the winners (1st  through 3rd) in both categories in St. Lucia's annual Soca competition, along with more new riddims, and some Major Lazer sprinkled in.

St Lucia Monarch winners:
Groovy Results:
1. Ricky T - 40 Days and 40 nights (411 points)
2. Arthur  - Jumping Alone (389 points)
3. Sir Lancelot - The Happy Song (385 points)

Power Results:
1. Ricky T - Mass Attack (364 points)
2. DJ HP - Ah Def (328 points)
3. Sir Lancelot - Tear It Up (318 points)

Jul 14, 2013

Carnival Mix #106 - Vincy Mas/St. Lucia - Jul.13.2013

More new music for you this week including a preview of some of the songs competing for St. Lucica's Soca Monarch. We recap the winners of St. Vincent's Monarch competitions and get familiar with more Cropover 2013 music.

Jul 8, 2013

Carnival Mix #105 - Soca Til Sundown (Stampede Warm-up)

Drew and Anthony hit the airwaves on Saturday to start off a marathon of Soca music in the city for the Calgary Stampede. The 'Soca Til Sundown' Fete was slated to go on Soho's patio til 11pm when the rain started to fall earlier in the day and although the weather cleared up, we couldn't risk putting the equipment back outside for the night. The good news was that we just moved the party inside with all 6 DJs, and rather than jammin' til 11 we kept the party going til 2:30 in the morning.

Jun 30, 2013

Carnival Mix #104 - A Whole Bunch of Bunji

Earlier this week we announced online that Bunji Garlin would be coming to Calgary on August 9th 2013. This week's mix features tons of 'The Viking's' music as well as more of the heat coming out of St. Vincent, St. Lucia, Antigua and Barbados. Enjoy!

Jun 24, 2013

Carnival Mix #103 - Soca Radio Show - ft. Farmer Nappy

Straight out of the HD camp, Farmer Nappy was in the province for the weekend.  Parts of Calgary had been shut down due to massive flooding and Farmer's show even had to be relocated.  The crew caught up with Farmer Nappy via telephone on his way back into town from Edmonton and there was a bit of technical difficulty with the phone signal, but we still had a chance to hear from the man and even debuted his new track.

With a massive performance the same night from Blaxx in Edmonton, Soca helped keep Albertans' spirits high this weekend.  Check for new tracks from Lil Rick, Shurwayne Winchester, Allison Hinds, Destra, Patrice blesses the 'Redrum Riddim' and a massive "Carnival Tabanca" release from Bunji Garlin!

Jun 17, 2013

Carnival Mix #102 - Ziggy Marley and more new Soca

With our new timeslot change to Saturdays comes some fantastic new opportunities. Reggae legend Ziggy Marley will be in town on June 20th to perform at Calgary's Epcor Centre and as we are now a part of the 'Caribbean Saturdays' on CJSW, it fell to Drew to do the interview with the reggae legend. The first 10 mins is happily dedicated to Ziggy Marley and his music.

We don't forget the root of the show however, and promptly get into a mix that features more new Soca from Barbados, St.Vincent and Antigua. There's also a crossover gem from Canadian Kardinal Offishall and Bunji Garlin.

Since the first part of the show is all talk, the Soca mix this week comes to you uninterupted. Enjoy! 


Jun 12, 2013

Soca 'til Sundown - FREE Fete for Stampede

CalgarySoca brought our first ever  DAY FETE during this year's Calgary Stampede! The crew returned to Soho to take over the patio and party both inside and outside until the sun went down.  Since the rain fell heavily that day, the party was mainly inside however the vibes went on from 5pm - 2:30am! 

Music by:
Drew Atlas, Gummi, DJ Marvin Culture, DJ Becks, DJ Recklezz and Sherman Hype! Also bigh thanks to both 'Carib Beer' and 'Mackeson Stout' for keeping the party going.

Check out the pics here

Soho Bar and Grill 

801 6 St SW  Calgary

Jun 9, 2013

Carnival Mix #101 - ALL Skinny Fabulous for Carifest 2013

Carifest week turned out to be a fantastic one with all the events happening, including the parade, park and of course the official headliner, Skinny Fabulous out of St.Vincent making his appearance. While Skinny was doing his thing at the park, the Carnival Mix moved into its new slot on 90.9fm. We dedicated the first show in the new slot to the festival and a mix of the BEST of Skinny's music. Enjoy!

Jun 7, 2013

Carnival Mix 100th Radio Show! We move to SATURDAYS!

This week we celebrate the city's Annual Caribbean Festival, 'Carifest'! Its also our 100th show, we get ready for Skinny Fabulous plus the crew announces that the show moves from Wednesday evenings to Saturdays! This mix is straight heat to get you ready for parade day with some of the biggest tunes of 2012/2013.

May 30, 2013

Carnival Mix #99 – Soca Radio Show – May.29.2013

With only 9 more days to Carifest 2013 we debut more new music including tracks from Erphan Alves, Rupee, and Skinny Fabulous' new track 'Pan Grung' as we continue the warm up to the celebrations. We also announce that Farmer Nappy from the HD family will be in Calgary this month and cover all the other events happening in the next few weeks. Visit our events page ( for all the details!

  1. Alpha - Jouvert (Coral Reef Riddim)
  2. Erphaan Alves - No Company (Coral Reef Riddim)
  3. Luta - Thief Ah Wine
  4. Farmer Nappy - Down Low
  5. Hypasounds - Sunrise
  6. Teddyson John - Take Over
  7. Wild Fire - Fraid
  8. Invader - Immortal (Bright Shadow Riddim)
  9. Superman HD - International Jouvert (Bright Shadow Riddim)
  10. Mikey - Enjoy Meh Life
  11. Problem Child - We Doin It (Soca Coaster Riddim)
  12. Patrice Roberts - Hold On Tight (Soca Coaster Riddim)
  13. Rayzor Ft. Leonce - Bess Fete
  14. Teddyson John - Sweet Soca Music
  15. Young Voice - Party Mad
  16. Fya Empress - Wifey / Matey (Leave Him)
  17. KC - Wet
  18. Ruppee - Nothing Sweeter
  19. Swappi - Gyal Invasion
  20. Skinny Fabulous - Pan Grung
  21. Tizzy Ft. El-A-Kru - Wine Of My Life
  22. Tian Winter - Good Time
  23. Lil Rick - Wine Um Down
  24. Hance - Hell Yuh Want (Authority Riddim)
  25. Johnny Rebel - Rebellious (Authority Riddim)
  26. Danielle Viera - Fetting Problems (Authority Riddim)
  27. Skinny Fabulous - Nah Good Again
  28. Gorg Ft. Lil Rick and John Doe - Wuk Up Behind This Truck
  29. Fya Empress - Earthquake
  30. Blaxx - Leh Go (remix)

May 24, 2013

Carnival Mix # 98 - Soca Radio Show - May.22.2013

The countdown to Carifest 2013 is just over 2 weeks away and we get ready for Skinny Fabulous' return to Calgary.  This week's mix therfore features copious amounts of music from the Vincy Soca star.  Enjoy!

May 22, 2013

CARIFEST Parade Route change...Last chance to order T-Shirts

Please note that the 2013 Carifest Parade (Sat. June 8th 2013) will NOW start at Eau Claire Market and make its way up 3rd St until it intersects 8th Ave. The parade will then hang a right on 8th ave and continue to Shaw Millennium Park as usual.  The parade will still start at 11am

The city has changed the start of the parade due to construction according to a statement from the Caribbean Community Council of Calgary.

If you still haven't ordered your package for the parade, do so NOW at  Your last chance to order T-Shirts for CalgarySoca's 'Water and Powder' will be on Friday May. 24th

May 17, 2013

Bunji releases the Differentology video

After 3 months of waiting, here it is, Bunji Garlin's official Differentology video. The song became an anthem to so many during Trinidad Carnival 2013, and now with a slew of remixes and re-works, it is certain to be played at many a fete for the remaider of the year.

Sure enough, soon after the video's release online this morning, the comments started coming in, both positive and negative, regarding the video itself.  Check it out below and decide for yourself if it does the song justice.

May 15, 2013

Carnival Mix #97 - Soca Radio Show - May.15.2013

On the show this week we countdown to Calgary's Carifest. We also unfortunately found out that Patrice Roberts postponed her Edmonton show soon after we got off-air last week (the show is now re-scheduled to Sept according to her Facebook page.) The good news is that we also heard that Blaxx will be in Edmonton now on June 22nd.

Add that to Skinny Fabulous on June 8th for Carifest, our J'ouvert party, and the Carnival Parade, and June is going to be 'jam-packed'. The show features more new music from Barbados, St. Vincent, Antigua and St.Lucia plus the latest team up from Kes and Konshens. For all the events coming up, check out our events page  Enjoy!

May 9, 2013

Carnival Mix #96 - Patrice Roberts Mix - May.08.2013

We had been anticipating the Patrice Roberts show in Edmonton for some weeks now and decided to dedicate the entire hour to showcasing her music.  It wasn't until the following morning that we found out from "Hot Box Inc" that the show had been postponed now until Sept. 14.  Regardless, we had a great time and even had a chance to squeeze in a few new songs in the mix as well.  This one is definitely for Patrice Roberts fans though.  Enjoy!

May 1, 2013

Carnival Mix #95 - Soca Radio Show - May.01.2013

With more new music coming out this week, the crew is joined by a special guest, Ms. Paige via the telephone to debut her latest single 'Come Baby'. Look for more music from St.Vincent and Barbados with a couple nice riddims getting their debut as well.

Apr 25, 2013

Carnival Mix #94 - Soca Radio Show - Apr.24.2013

Vibe with the crew again as this week features more new music from Antigua, St. Vincent, St. Thomas, Grenada, and the UK. Summer looks like its going to be another good one for Soca music.

Apr 20, 2013

Carnival Mix #93 - Soca Radio Show - Apr.17.2013

As we draw closer to summer, we get a chance to feature more new music from upcoming carnivals. This week's new batch includes music from Barbados, St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Antigua, plus we get our hands on the entire Palm Tree Riddim out of the UK. Calgary's Carifest officially announced that Skinny Fabulous would be here for this year's festival in June, so we made sure we got up to speed with his music in a Mega-Medley-Mix