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Oct 30, 2012

Calgary got in the Halloween spirit with MASK

On Friday night (October 26th), CalgarySoca took the party to UBU lounge for a masquerade party that this city had never seen before.  With Masks, Carnival costumes, Halloween Costumes and Soca revellers all in attendence, the energy by midnight was electric.  Check out some of the pics below or you can see more on our Facebook Page.

Our last event for the year will be coming up in December.  Hopefully we see you at our Christmas Party

Oct 24, 2012

Pledges help raise over $200,000 for CJSW

Carrie and Stefan man the phones during funding drive.

 CJSW 90.9fm's annual funding drive took place all last week.  The staff and management of the station as well as the entire CalgarySoca team would lilke to thank everyone that pledged this year. On Wednesday October 24th 2012 from 6-7pm listeners helped raise close to $1000 to help keep the station running.  This year's station goal was $200,000 for the week long fund raising efforts.  The final tally for all the shows combined being an estimated $211,000 raised!

The money annually goes towards the licensing, maintenance and equipment needed for the nearly 200 volunteers, programmers, and staff to create the radio magic that is CJSW.   This year's funding drive efforts will also go towards an even more powerful transmitter to reach an even greater portion of the province.  (Read more about the purpose of this year's funding drive, HERE)

Thank you again for all your efforts, especially during the CARNIVAL MIX to show your Soca support.

Oct 17, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Oct.17.2012

The entire crew was under the weather this week. Anthony didn't even make it down to the studio. And it was yet another week with an overwhelming amount of new music. The show was another warm up for both next week's Funding Drive and Calgary Soca's party, MASK.  This week's stand-outs? The new Kes - Thief a Wine and Umi Marcano's Miss Independent

mp3 Download Coming Soon

  1. Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum 
  2. Michelle Xavier - No More Tabanca 
  3. Umi Marcano - Miss Independent 
  4. Springs - Addicted to Soca 
  5. Junior Don - Soca Take Me Away
  6. Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts - I am Soca 
  7. Kes The Band - Wotless 
  8. Raymond Ramnarine & Dil E Nadan - Trinis Cud Wine 
  9. Signature & Zan - Wonderful Day 
  10. Blaxx - No Getaway 
  11. Alison HInds - Gals Want More Iron (Island Mas Riddim) 
  12. Faye Ann Lyons - We Doing This Owah (Island Mas Riddim) 
  13. Sean Caruth & Devon Mathews - Whole Day 
  14. Kes the Band - Thief A Wine 
  15. Prophet Benjamin - Another One 
  16. Edwin Yearwood - Pardon Me (VIP Riddim) 
  17. Patrice Roberts - Bubble - (VIP Riddim )  
  18. Shal Marshal - Wickedest Wine 
  19. T-Rock - Hit & Run 
  20. Benjai - Wine to the Side
  21. Alison Hinds & Mr.Dale - Maddest Thing (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  22. Bunji Garlin - None Like This (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  23. Destra Garcia - Handle the Ride (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  24. Inches - Wuk Up (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  25. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete (Roadmix)
  26. Nadia Batson - Fireman (Paradise Riddim) 
  27. Farmer Nappy - Drunk (Paradise Riddim) 
  28. Machel Montano - Drinkin Rum' (Paradise Riddim) 
  29. Kerwin Dubois - Wettin' (Paradise Riddim) 
  30. Mighty Gabby - Dr Casandra 

Oct 10, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Oct.10.2012

Its only October, but when in Calgary you never know what the weather will be like.  True enough., there was a slight dusting of snow that came down late in the day so Drew and Carrie attempt to warm things up on the airwaves with a solid Groovy mix featuring past favourites, requests, and music from the upcoming 2013 season.

  1. Burning Flames - Weakness for Sweetness 
  2. Kerwin Dubois & Denise Belfon - De Rose & De Stem 
  3. Farmer Nappy - Flirt 
  4. Bomani - Sagga Boy 
  5. Ricardo Dru & Claudette Peters - Rub Up On It 
  6. Tamisha Nicholls - Goody Goody 
  7. Kester Morain - What A Party 
  8. Busy Signal - Up in Her Belly (La Douma Riddim Refix)
  9. Kes - Thunder (La Douma Riddim Refix)
  10. Bunji Garlin - We Done Dey (La Douma Riddim) 
  11. Bunji Garlin - Bam Bam - (Red Bull Riddim)  
  12. Destra Garcia - Attitude - (Red Bull Riddim)
  13. Iwer George - Fete After Fete 
  14. Lil' Rick - Go Dung 
  15. Farmer Nappy - Minglin' 
  16. Kerwin Dubois & Shal Marshall - Gyal Farm 
  17. Ashley Kirton - Presha 
  18. Fya Empress - Rollin' Hard (Stag Riddim)
  19. Super Jiga TC - Vibrate (Stag Riddim) 
  20. Swappi - Fancy Thong (Stag Riddim) 
  21. Bunji Garlin - Touchless (Stag Riddim) 
  22. Lil' Rick - Right Now 
  23. Skinny Fabulous Ft. Busy Signal - Rave Out 
  24. Erphaan Alves - In Her Eyes (Antilles Riddim) 
  25. Machel Montano - Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim 
  26. Kerwin Dubois - Bacchanalist (Antilles Riddim) 
  27. Nadia Batson - Fireman (Paradise Riddim)  
  28. Farmer Nappy - Drunk (Paradise Riddim) 
  29. Machel Montano - Drinkin' Rum (Paradise Riddim) 
  30. Kerwin Dubois - Wettin' 
  31. Benjai - Wine To The Side 
  32. Explainer ft. Bunji Garlin - Lorraine 
  33. Sparrow - Doh Back Back

Oct 4, 2012

2hr Carnival Mix - CJSW ft. Supa Soca 18. - Oct.03.2012

With Miami Carnival happening this weekend, we realized there was an influx of hot Groovy releases.  Its no coincidence that DJ Crown Prince's latest 'Supa Soca' release also came out this week as most of the heat was actually featured on it.  The series, now at number 18, features some of the most creative Soca remixes and no shortage of exclusive tracks.  This year's mix also features Superstar Soca DJs, Dr. Jay, Jester and returning voice DJ Barrie Hype.

We had a chance to play an extended show this week, so we featured a large portion of this stellar project and even had a chance to talk to Barrie in Miami about the upcoming Carnival.  Needless to say we had a time in the studio.  Enjoy!

Get your copy of SUPA SOCA #18 at:

  1. David Rudder - Bahia Girl
  2. Kenneth Salick - Radica 
  3. Krosfyah & Edwin Yearwood - Wet Me
  4. Kitchener - Give me the Ting
  5. Troubadours - Talk
  6. Babla & Kanchan - Kuch Kuch Baby
  7. Hunter ft. Kes - Jep Sting Naina  
  8. Machel Montano - One More Time (Road Mix)
  9. Peter Ram - Pumpin'
  10. Byron Lee & The Dragoneers - Soca Lambada
  11. Kes - Wotless
  12. Machel Montano - Coming Again
  13. Supa Jigga TC - Action
  14. Alison Hinds & Mr. Dale - Maddest Thing (Full Throttle Riddim)
  15. Bunji Garlin - None Like This (Full Throttle Riddim)
  16. Destra Garcia - Handle the Ride (Full Throttle Riddim)
  17. Inches - Wuk Up (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  18. Swappi - Jumpin Een (Full Throttle Riddim)
  19. Lil' Rick - Ah like myself
  20. K Rich - Wine Back
  21. Yannick Hooper - On D Side (Supa Soca Dub)
  22. Tian Winter - Cyan Fail Me
  23. Alison Hinds - Gal Want More Iron (Island Mas Riddim)
  24. Edwin Yearwood - Pushin' It (Island Mas Riddim)
  25. Blaxx - No Get Away (Island Mas Riddim)
  26. Alison Hinds - Baddy (Banjo Power Riddim)
  27. Patrice Roberts & Problem Child - Love Me Carnival (Banjo Power Riddim)
  28. Mikey & Destra - We Loose
  29. Edwin Yearwood - Pardon Me
  30. Ricardo Drue - Up Inside D Jam
  31. Patrice Roberts - Bubble  
  32. Mr. Vegas & Shurwayne Winchester - Beautiful Life
  33. Lil' Rick - Bubble Like She
  34. Patrice Roberts - Touch Me
  35. Kes the Band - Real Love
  36. Bunji Garlin - Ragga Soca  (Dingus McGee Riddim) 
  37. MX Prime - Caroline (Dingus McGee Riddim)
  38. Bunji Garlin - Good Oye  
  39. Bunji Garlin - Touchless (Stag Riddim)   
  40. Kes - Bring It to Me (Stag Riddim)
  41. Patrice Roberts - Bruk Out -
  42. Machel Montano - She Ready  
  43. Nadia Batson & Alison Hinds - On Fire
  44. Patch - Xbox  
  45. Alternative Quartet - I am Paradise
  46. Nadia Batson - Fireman (Paradise Riddim) 
  47. Farmer Nappy - Drunk (Paradise Riddim)
  48. Machel Montano - Drinkin' Rum (Paradise Riddim)
  49. Kerwin Dubois - Wettin' (Paradise Riddim)
  50. Mr. Renzo - Xrated
  51. Kes & Michelle Xavier - On D Road Roadmix
  52. Lil' Rick - Waistline Energy
  53. Benjai & Lil' Rick - Cyah Bother We
  54. Machel Montano, Busta Rhymes, Olivia, & Fatman Scoop - Make it Shake
  55. Square One - Togetherness
  56. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag
* Tracks 15-38 & 45-49 mixed by DJ Crown Prince, Barrie Hype, Dr. Jay and Jester - featured on Supa Soca #18
All other tracks mixed by Drew Atlas