Aug 31, 2012

ALL 50yrs of Trinidad Roadmarch Tunes - 2.5hrs

We tried to squeeze the 50 Road March tunes into 1hr on Wednesday's show.  DJ Shane Talon does us one better as he skillfully delivers the tunes chronologically in over 2.5hrs. If you want ALL 50 songs, this is the mix for you! He starts the show with a bit of a retrospective of Carnival, Kaiso, Calypso, Soca and Trini culture.  Kudos Shane, you do Trinis proud with this one!

Check the entire extended mix below. 


2012Machel Montano"Pump Yuh Flag"Double M
2011Machel Montano"Advantage"The Return
2010JW & Blaze"Palance"[1]
2009Fay-Ann Lyons"Meet Super Blue"
2008Fay-Ann Lyons"Get On"
2007Machel Montano"Jumbie"Book of Angels
2006Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts"Band of De Year"B.O.D.Y.
2005Shurwayne Winchester"Dead or Alive"
2004Shurwayne Winchester"Look De Band Comin'"
2003Fay-Ann Lyons"Display"
2002Naya George"Trinidad"
2001Shadow aka Mighty Shadow"Stranger"
2000(TIE)Superblue / Iwer George"Pump Up" / "Carnival Come Back Again"
1999Sanelle Dempster"River"
1998Wayne Rodriguez"Footsteps"Charge
1997Machel Montano"Big Truck"Heavy Duty
1996Nigel Lewis"Movin'"
1995Super Blue"Signal to Lara"
1994Preacher"Jump and Wave"
1993Super Blue"Bacchanal Time"
1992Super Blue"Jab Jab"
1991Super Blue (formerly Blue Boy)"Get Something and Wave"
1990Tambu"We Ain't Going Home"
1989Tambu"Free Up"
1988Tambu"This Party Is It"
1986David Rudder"Bahia Girl"
1984Sparrow"Doh Back Back"
1983Blue Boy"Rebecca"
1981Blue Boy"Ethel"
1980Blue Boy"Soca Baptist"
1979Poser"A Tell She (Smoke Ah Watty)"
1978Calypso Rose"Soca Jam"
1977Calypso Rose"Tempo"
1976Kitchener"Flag Woman"
1975Kitchener"Tribute to Winston Spree"
1974Shadow"Bass Man"
1972Sparrow"Drunk and Disorderly"
1971Kitchener"Madison Square Garden"
1969Sparrow"Sa Sa Yea"
1968Kitchener"Miss Tourist"
1967Kitchener"Sixty Seven"
1966Sparrow"Obeah Wedding"
1965Kitchener"My Pussin"
1964Kitchener"This is Mas"
1963Kitchener"The Road"


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