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Aug 31, 2012

ALL 50yrs of Trinidad Roadmarch Tunes - 2.5hrs

We tried to squeeze the 50 Road March tunes into 1hr on Wednesday's show.  DJ Shane Talon does us one better as he skillfully delivers the tunes chronologically in over 2.5hrs. If you want ALL 50 songs, this is the mix for you! He starts the show with a bit of a retrospective of Carnival, Kaiso, Calypso, Soca and Trini culture.  Kudos Shane, you do Trinis proud with this one!

Check the entire extended mix below. 


2012Machel Montano"Pump Yuh Flag"Double M
2011Machel Montano"Advantage"The Return
2010JW & Blaze"Palance"[1]
2009Fay-Ann Lyons"Meet Super Blue"
2008Fay-Ann Lyons"Get On"
2007Machel Montano"Jumbie"Book of Angels
2006Machel Montano and Patrice Roberts"Band of De Year"B.O.D.Y.
2005Shurwayne Winchester"Dead or Alive"
2004Shurwayne Winchester"Look De Band Comin'"
2003Fay-Ann Lyons"Display"
2002Naya George"Trinidad"
2001Shadow aka Mighty Shadow"Stranger"
2000(TIE)Superblue / Iwer George"Pump Up" / "Carnival Come Back Again"
1999Sanelle Dempster"River"
1998Wayne Rodriguez"Footsteps"Charge
1997Machel Montano"Big Truck"Heavy Duty
1996Nigel Lewis"Movin'"
1995Super Blue"Signal to Lara"
1994Preacher"Jump and Wave"
1993Super Blue"Bacchanal Time"
1992Super Blue"Jab Jab"
1991Super Blue (formerly Blue Boy)"Get Something and Wave"
1990Tambu"We Ain't Going Home"
1989Tambu"Free Up"
1988Tambu"This Party Is It"
1986David Rudder"Bahia Girl"
1984Sparrow"Doh Back Back"
1983Blue Boy"Rebecca"
1981Blue Boy"Ethel"
1980Blue Boy"Soca Baptist"
1979Poser"A Tell She (Smoke Ah Watty)"
1978Calypso Rose"Soca Jam"
1977Calypso Rose"Tempo"
1976Kitchener"Flag Woman"
1975Kitchener"Tribute to Winston Spree"
1974Shadow"Bass Man"
1972Sparrow"Drunk and Disorderly"
1971Kitchener"Madison Square Garden"
1969Sparrow"Sa Sa Yea"
1968Kitchener"Miss Tourist"
1967Kitchener"Sixty Seven"
1966Sparrow"Obeah Wedding"
1965Kitchener"My Pussin"
1964Kitchener"This is Mas"
1963Kitchener"The Road"

Soca Superstars release 50th Independence song

Soca superstars, Machel Montano, KI, Benjai, Patrice Roberts, Issac Blackman, Kimba Sorzano, Fya Empress, Kerwin Du Bois, Farmer Nappy & Iwer George release the 50th Independence Version of "Love Army" to celebrate the country's milestone event.  Check the link to the song here:

Happy Independence: 50yrs of Road March - CJSW

We get to play Soca for 1 hr every Wednesday on CJSW yet this week we ambitiously attempt to celebrate Trinidad and Tobago's 50th independence with 50 years of  Carnival music.  We decided to do so by playing the most popular tunes from Carnivals past, and so Drew, Carrie and Anthony squeeze in as many Trinidad Carnival Roadmarch tunes as possible to celebrate the milestone.  Inevitably ALL 50 can't be played in 1 hr.  There are a few 'Machels', 'Kitcheners', 'Superblues', etc. plus a few Roadmarches from the 1960s that had to be left out (we did add 1962's 'Maria' by Lord Blakie at the end of the show), but what does get on-air is a collection of undeniable hits.  Enjoy...And Happy Independence day!

(Please ignore the fact that Drew and Anthony clearly forget which band Rudder and Tambu used to sing for....booo!)

  1. Ras Shorty - Indrani (creator of Soca Music)
  2. David Rudder - Bahia Girl (1986) 
  3. Sparrow - Obeah Wedding (1966) 
  4. Duke - Thunder (1987) 
  5. Lord Kitchener - Rain-o-rama (1973) 
  6. Tambu - Free Up (1989) 
  7. Shadow - Bass Man (1974) 
  8. Tambu - We Ain't Going Home (1990) 
  9. Superblue - Ethel (1981) 
  10. Calypso Rose - Tempo (1977) 
  11. Sparrow - Sa Sa Yea (1969)
  12. Sparrow - Drunk & Disorderly (1972) 
  13. Sparrow - Doh Back Back (1984) 
  14. Superblue - Jab Jab (1992) 
  15. Blue Boy (Superblue) - Rebecca (1983) 
  16. Crazy - Soucoyant (1985) 
  17. Penguin - Deputy (1982) 
  18. Mighty Shadow - Stranger (2001) 
  19. Superblue - Bacchanal Time (1993) 
  20. Nigel Lewis - Movin' To The Left (1996) 
  21. Preacher - Jump & Wave (1994) 
  22. Wayne Rodriguez - Footsteps (1998) 
  23. Machel Montano - Big Truck (1997) 
  24. Fay-Ann Lyons - Display (2003) 
  25. Shurwayne Winchester - Look De Band Comin' (2004) 
  26. Shurwayne Winchester - Dead or Alive (2005) 
  27. Superblue - Pump Up (2000) 
  28. Iwer George - Carnival Come Back Again (2000) 
  29. Naya George ft, Invasion - Trinidad (2002) 
  30. Patrice Roberts & Machel Montano - Band of the Year (2006) 
  31. Fay-Ann Lyons - Meet Superblue (2009) 
  32. Fay-Ann Lyons - Get On (2008) 
  33. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag (2012) 
  34. Trinidad All Stars - Curry Tabanca - (Panorama SteelPan)
  35. Lord Blakie - Maria (1962)

Aug 24, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Aug.22.2012

The crew delivers an "All-Groovy Mix" featuring hot favourites including tracks from Summer 2012. Big shout to the Vancouver crew and the HD family for showing us the hospitality on the weekend

  1. Shal Marshall - Enjoy Life (The Movie Riddim) 
  2. Megan Walrond - Eyes on Me (Nuvo Riddim) 
  3. Konshens - Gal A Bubble (Nuvo Riddim) 
  4. Peter Ross ft Bunji - How Yuh So (Dutty Bungle Riddim)
  5. Kimba Sorzano - Over You 
  6. Rupee - What Happens in the Party 
  7. Johnny King - Wet Meh Down 
  8. Bomani - Sagga Boy 
  9. JW & Blaze - Look Good (GBM Body Ride) 
  10. Nebula 868 - Life of the Party (GBM Body Ride) 
  11. Shal Marshall - Workout (GBM Body Ride) 
  12. Basil Yard - Bounce Around 
  13. Edwin Yearwood - Sweetalicious 
  14. Zoelah - More Water 
  15. Machel Montano - Go Down (Loud Speaker Riddim)  
  16. Lil' Rick - Jonsing Again 
  17. Fyah Empress - Bam Bam Talk 
  18. Teddyson John - Big People Party 
  19. Tian Winter - Body Up 
  20. Farmer Nappy ft. Lady G - Surrender (remix)
  21. Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts - I am Soca 
  22. Mr.Dale - Wining Galore 
  23. Inches - Wuk Up (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  24. Jus10 Ward - Work It (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  25. Alison Hinds & Mr Dale - Maddest Thing (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  26. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete 
  27. Machel Montano - AOA (Electro Lights Riddim) 
  28. Kes - Where Yuh From (Electro Lights Riddim) 
  29. Problem Child - Party Animal 
  30. Kassav - Zouk-La-Se-Sel-Medikaman-Nou Ni  
  31. Sherman Hype - Soca Pop Instrumental 
  32. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3zero Riddim) 

Aug 21, 2012

Machel in Vancouver was well worth the trip

More than a handful of Calgarians made the trek out to Vancouver to check out Machel Montano and the entire HD family in concert at the Commodore Ballroom on Saturday.  The show, put on by Mel O Productions, was well attended and very well organized. The CalgarySoca crew arrived at around 10pm and was greated by the pleasant sounds of opening band Phase 3 steel Orchestra while the place quickly filled in anticipation of the HD family's perfomance.

Farmer Nappy entertains the capacity crowd at the Commodore
Machel and crew made it onto stage just after 11pm and electirfied the crowd of around 1000 with hit after hit.  Joined by the full band, the HD dancers, Farmer Nappy and Patrice Roberts, 'Mr. Fete' rocked the party for over 2hrs!  Without a doubt, this was the number 1 show we've seen for 2012.  We've said it before, and we'll say it again; if you get a chance to see Machel Montano HD in concert, take it. Shout out to NastyJag Soundcrew for delivering the tunes before and after the show!   For more pics from the show, check the Facebook Page
Patrice Roberts in Action
Phase 3- Steel Band
Wet after the fete

Aug 16, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Aug.15.2012

Fresh off of the Cariwest experience in Edmonton, the crew gets ready for Machel in Vancouver with some of his hottest songs in the mix. We debut a new riddim from GBM and feature the Groovy and Power Soca Monarchs from Grenada's Spice Mas

  1. Machel Montano ft Kerwin Dubois - Bubblenut (Roadmix)
  2. JW & Blaze - Look Good (GBM Body Ride Riddim )
  3. Nutron - Wining Pose (GBM Body Ride Riddim)
  4. Nebula 868 - Life of the Party (GBM Body Ride Riddim)
  5. Shal Marshal - Work Out (GBM Body Ride Riddim)
  6. Miss Paige - Man Fi Borow
  7. Kester Morain - What A Party
  8. Machel Montano - Awrite (Ramajay)
  9. Zan & Machel Montano - Outta Road (Remix)
  10. Benjai - Trini
  11. Machel Montano - Bumper To Fender (Remix)
  12. Shortpree - Spice Islands Summer
  13. Benjai - People's Champion (3Zero Riddim)
  14. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3Zero Riddim)
  15. Mikey & Destra - We Loose
  16. Machel Montano - Bend Over
  17. Teddyson John - Land of Wine
  18. Machel Montano - Trouble
  19. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete
  20. Machel Montano & Destra - It's Carnival
  21. Machel Montano & Kerwin Dubois - Party Jumbie
  22. Lavaman - Psycho
  23. Ricardo Drue - Supaman Roadmix
  24. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag 758 Remix
  25. Machel Montano - Going For Gold

Aug 10, 2012

Complete Cariwest 2012 Event Listing

Pack your bag! We're off to Edmonton for the city's annual Caribbean festival.  This year's festivities should keep us busy all weekend.  Here is a rundown of the major events happening starting tonight (Aug. 10th 2012!)

* = Official Cariwest Events

*1) * COSTUME EXTRAVAGANZA (Friday: 7:30pm)
The Friday night Costume Extravaganza at THE NORTHLANDS EXPO (moved from SHAW CENTER as it is FLOODED) HALL D 7515 118 AVE. 7:30 PM. kicks off the celebration!
Food and fun as costumes are paraded and judged.

Ticket Sales: Tickets on the square and Cariwest Office
Door opens at 7:00 p.m. ; shows start at 7:30 p.m.
Price at the door: Adults $25, Kids (12 and under) $15
more info: CLICK HERE or Facbook Page

2) Pre-Carnival Jump Off w/ DJ WhiteGold (Friday: 10pm)
Not an official Cariwest event, but definitely one to check out!  One of the hottest DJ from Ontario invades Edmonton. 

TRINIFETER presents  Calling All Bacchanal Angels, Fri Aug 10th 2012

and special guest DJ's @ The Trinidad and Tobago cultural association of Edmonton
16712-113th ave EDMONTON, ALBERTA
Bring yuh RAG or FLAG and represent
more info: 780-904-3850 or CLICK HERE

*3) *CARIWEST PARADE (Saturday: Noon)
PARADE! Music! Costumes! People! Fun! as the annual Cariwest parade winds its way through downtown Edmonton! Start noon!

*4) *BENJAI IN CONCERT (Saturday: 9pm)
The Official Cariwest Fete of 2012
Live in Concert with Benjai (Trinidad & Tobago)
ft. DJs Soca Sweetness (Toronto),
Agent Mulda (Vancouver), and
Drew Atlas (Calgary)
August 11, 2012 starts at 8:00 p.m.
Canadian Druze Center, 14304 134 Ave NW
Tickets: Tix on the Square or Cariwest Office
Price: $32.00 (Advance general admission)
For questions, contact +1-780-504-1110 or CLICK HERE

5)Byron Lee's Dragonaires (Live) (Saturday: 9pm)
Live from Jamaica Prince Nyah (Fireman)
Life from Barbados Tony Corbin (Alps)   
at: Alberta Aviation Museum (The Hanger)
11410 Kingsway Avenue - Edmonton
for more info: CLICK HERE

*6) *CARIWEST AT THE PARK (Sunday: noon)
Churchill Square festivities -- the fun continues at Churchill Square --
Food, entertainment and vendors!

CarnivalMix - CJSW - Aug.08.2012

This week we get ready for Edmonton's 'Cariwest' taking place on Saturday. Soca sensation Benjai will be performing for ETR entertainment's party at the Canadian Druze Centre alongside DJs 'Soca Sweetness' from Toronto, DJ 'Agent Mulda' from Vancouver, and Calgary Soca's Drew Atlas, so we threw a healthy dose of Benjai into the mix to get you ready.  The crew also recaps some of the hottest music from Antigua and Barbados including their respective Monarch's for 2012, and Anthony talks about the must-see events at Toronto Carnival

  1. Benjai - My God, Woman, and I
  2. Drastic - Badda Dan You (Sugah Dumplin Riddim)
  3. Ricardo Drue -  Suga (Sugah Dumplin Riddim)
  4. Benjai - Drunk Again
  5. Benjai - Tanty Say (La Douma Riddim)
  6. Lil Rick - Ah Like Muhself (Lord Kitchener Riddim)
  7. Tian Winter - Cyah Fail Me
  8. Benjai - Trini
  9. Benjai - The People's Champion (3Zero Riddim)
  10. Mikey ft. Destra - We Loose (Remix)
  11. Red Plastic Bag - Feting
  12. Baron - Feeling it
  13. Benjai - Wine to the Side
  14. Claudette Peters - Benna Soca
  15. Ricky T - Mosquito
  16. Benjai - Over and Over
  17. Benjai - Wine Like Them
  18. Mikey  - No Behaviour (Roadmix)
  19. Lil Rick - Ravers
  20. Tian Winter ft. Onyan - Raving (remix)
  21. Ricardo Drue - Supaman (Roadmix)
  22. Baron - Somebody

Aug 8, 2012

Artistes Sweep Monarch competitions for 2012

Earlier this year we celebrated Machel Montano's domination of Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival as he scored the titles of Groovy Soca Monarch, Soca Monarch and Road March for 2012.  The trend seems to be moving up the islands as other artistes have been able to repeat the feat in their native lands.

A few weeks back we reported Fya Empress' wins in St. Vincent's 'Vincy Mas' scoring the titles of  'Calypso Monarch', 'Groovy Soca Monarch', 'Road March' and even a 2nd place in the Soca Monarch category.  Now we see in Barbados, Mikey Mercer has made it 4 wins in one season, scoring the 'Road March', People's Monarch, and 'Sweet Soca' Monarch titles with his song 'We Loose' and Party Monarch title with the song 'No Behaviour'.  

Antiguan's had a chance to celebrate a double-win as well, as Tian Winter captured both the 'Groovy' and 'Jumpy' monarch crowns with 'Cya Fail Me' and 'Raving' respectively in their local competition last weekend.

Mikey wins 4 titles in Barbados for 2012

Tian Winter scores a 'Double Win in Antigua for 2012

Aug 2, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - #56, #55, and #54

The crew is back from a two week hiatus visiting Ontario and Jamaica to deliver even more new tracks including the results of St. Lucia's Monarch competitions, plus tracks that will definitely be causing a stir in Barbados and Antigua.  We got back to realize that the Old School mix that was to play last week on CJSW never made it on air.  No make up for it we've added a special Oldies Mix by BeatCamp to the list for you to enjoy.  The show on the 21st was a replay of the Groovy Soca essentials mix that we prepared for T&T Carnival.

Show #56 - August 1st 2012

  1. Kes - Tuesday On the Rocks 
  2. Bunji Garlun - August (Summer Whistle Riddim) 
  3. Laza Morgan - Put It On (Nuvo Riddim) 
  4. Konshens - Gyal A Bubble Remix (Nuvo Riddim) 
  5. Megan Walrond - Eyes on Me (Nuvo Riddim) 
  6. Lil'Rick - The Contest (Dragon Berry Riddim) 
  7. Konshens - Boost Har Up (Dragon Berry Riddim) 
  8. Codigo24 & Papito - Dancing (Redrum Riddim) 
  9. Sanctuary - Lashes (Redrum RIddim) 
  10. Drastic & Shal Marshall - Bam Bam Remix 
  11. Mikey ft Destra - We Loose Remix 
  12. KI ft Machel - Single Forever 
  13. Kes & Kerwin Dubois - Ah Ting 
  14. Lyrikal - 25-8 
  15. Teddyson John - Land Of Wine 
  16. Just10 Ward - Work It 
  17. Inches - Wuk Up (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  18. Alison HInds & Mr.Dale - Maddest Thing (Full Throttle Riddim) 
  19. Young Voice - Wuk Hard 
  20. Lil'Rick - Waistline Energy (Caveman Riddim) 
  21. Lil' Rick & Benjai - Cyah Bother We - (Caveman Riddim)  
  22. Skinny Fabulous - Monster Roadmix
  23. Tian Winter ft. Onyan - Raving Remix
  24. Mikey - No Behavior (Roadmix)
  25. Superman HD & Mr. Killa - Born to Mash Up 
  26. Machel Montano - Going for Gold 
Show #55 - Oldies Mix (Never Aired) 

This compilation was put together by BeatCamp

 Show #54 - Grooy Essentials (Feb.2012)