Jul 5, 2012

We went "Limin" with we bucket 'till 5am!

Big up to Hot Box inc for throwing Alberta's first COOLER/Bucket FETE!  On Saturday July 7th 2012, the "Lime" at the Rossdale Brewery (9843-100 Street Edmonton) was open to all of us bringing our buckets pre-filled with booze!

This was an indoor/outdoor fete, although with the fantastic weather everyone chose to be outside under the trees.  The food was nice, the atmosphere was definitely something we had never before seen in Alberta, EVERYBODY brought a stocked cooler, and we literally partied till the sun came up!

Let's hope that more events like this can be put on in the future.  Thanks again to both DJ Diamond and DJ Gamegirl who played alongside Calgary Soca's own Drew Atlas and kept the party going till 5am. 

DJ Gamegirl took a few pics which she posted on her FB page.  We have a few below for you, just in case you missed out

food on the bar-b-que
party under the trees


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