Jul 10, 2012

Skinny Fabulous and Fya Empress Reign Supreme at Vincy Mas 2012

Congratulations to the new Soca Monarch 2012 for St. Vincent, Skinny Fabulous who commanded the crowd with his performance of "Monster" on Saturday night at Victoria Park.  With last year's monarch 'Fireman Hooper' refusing to defend his title for 2012 there was a bit of controversy around this year's competition.  Either way, Skinny was clearly this year's crowd favourite and scores a well deserved 4th Soca Monarch title win.  Congratulations also to Fya Empress who had a massive SVG Carnival 2012.  She came in 2nd in the Soca Monarch with her performance of "Rum Please" adding to both her 'Ragga Soca' Monarch and Calypso Monarch wins for 2012,  giving her a placing in all this year's major competitions.  Check Here for all the Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2012 Results or check the official SVG Carnival page 

Skinny Fabulous - Monster

Check out the Highlights of the Soca Monarch Competition (i-witness-news.com)


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