Jul 6, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - July.04.2012

This week Drew and Carrie deliver music from Vincy Mas including the winners of the Ragga Soca competition, finalists from their upcoming Soca Monarch finals as well as a few favourites from St. Lucia's competition happening on July 14th. CalgarySoca thanks everyone that came out for Canada Day and we're already looking forward to even more events coming to Alberta all summer. Carrie and Drew go through the entire Soca listing at the end of the program including the info on the "LIME" happening this weekend in Edmonton.
  1. Bomani - Sagga Boy (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca - 3rd)
  2. Skarpyon - Wine'N (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca -2nd)
  3. Kester Morain - What A Party
  4. Fya Empress - Bam Bam Talk (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca -Winner)
  5. B-Roca - Wining Proper (Pawdie Riddim)
  6. Tian Winter - Cya Fail Me
  7. Ricardo Drue - Get to know you (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  8. Problem Child - Life of the Party (Spanish Fly Ridddim)
  9. Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  10. Edwin Yearwood & Alison HInds - HIt Ah Nerve
  11. Drastic - Sing Me a Melody (Mango Riddim)
  12. Benjai - A.T.A.O Engoma (Magaroze Riddim)
  13. Kes - Your body Working (Magaroze Riddim)
  14. Teddyson John - J'Ouvert Morning (Magaroze Riddim)
  15. Teddyson John - We Gone Clear (Soufriere Riddim)
  16. Alpha - D Wetter D Better (Soufriere Riddim)
  17. Destra Garcia - Carry On (Soufriere Riddim)
  18. Fya Empress - Rum Please Road Mix
  19. Maddzart - Haunted
  20. Shaunelle Mckenzie - Carry On
  21. Problem Child - Road Rage
  22. Skinny Fabulous - Monster
  23. Fya Empress - True Vincy


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