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Jul 17, 2012

Calgary Soca joins Benjai for Cariwest in Edmonton

Calgary Soca will be in Edmonton on August 11th for Cariwest not just to take in the parade and park celebrations but now also as a part of the official afterparty.  Drew Atlas will be hosting the official Jam featuring Benjai out of Trinidad put on by ETR events.  Music by Canada's Most requested Soca DJ, 'Soca Sweetness' out of Toronto, and DJ Agent Mulda out of Vancouver.  Check the Facebook event page for all the info

Jul 16, 2012

Carnival Mix -CJSW-July.11.2012

July 11th's Soca Mix had Drew, Carrie, and Anthony bringing us more music from St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Barbados. With Summer in full swing the next shows will be special music only mixes 'till the crew gets back from Ontario and Jamaica

  1. Nadia Batson - How Ya So (Dutty Bungle Riddim)

  1. Faye Ann Lyons - Gyal Run Out (Dutty Bungle Riddim) 

  1. Peter Ross ft Bunji - How Ya So Remix - (Dutty Bungle Riddim) 

  1. Edwin Yearwood - Sweetalicious 

  1. Lil'Rick - Jonesing again (Lord Kitchener Riddim) 

  1. Tian Winter - Cya Fail Me 

  1. Machel Montano - Go Down - (Loudspeaker Riddim)

  1. Alison Hinds - Gyal Want More Iron (Island Mas Riddim) 

  1. Edwin Yearwood - Pushin' It (Island Mas Riddim)

  1. Blaxx - No Getaway (Island Mas Riddim)

  1. Fya Empress - True Vincy (Sugar Waist Riddim) 

  1. Wizskid - Party Steady (Sugar Waist Riddim)

  1. Lil' Rick - Waistline Energy 

  1. Erphann Alves - In Your Eyes

  1. Kerwin Dubois - Bacchanalist (Blue Remix) 

  1. Fya Empress - Rum Please Roadmix

  1. Skinny Fabulous - Monster Roadmix

  1. Tallpree - Jab Signature

  1. Vibes International ft. Luta - Grenada Full of Vibes

  1. Tallpree - Oil Down

  1. Tian Winter - Raving

  1. Tizzy & EL-A-Kru - Move Pass Dem

  1. Lil' Rick - Doan Tell We Nuttin' 

  1. Alison Hinds - Dis Is De Best Band

  1. Teddyson John - We Gone Clear (Soufriere Riddim)

  1. Destra Garcia - Carry On (Soufriere Riddim) 

  1. Benjai ft Scarface - Tanty Say

Jul 10, 2012

Skinny Fabulous and Fya Empress Reign Supreme at Vincy Mas 2012

Congratulations to the new Soca Monarch 2012 for St. Vincent, Skinny Fabulous who commanded the crowd with his performance of "Monster" on Saturday night at Victoria Park.  With last year's monarch 'Fireman Hooper' refusing to defend his title for 2012 there was a bit of controversy around this year's competition.  Either way, Skinny was clearly this year's crowd favourite and scores a well deserved 4th Soca Monarch title win.  Congratulations also to Fya Empress who had a massive SVG Carnival 2012.  She came in 2nd in the Soca Monarch with her performance of "Rum Please" adding to both her 'Ragga Soca' Monarch and Calypso Monarch wins for 2012,  giving her a placing in all this year's major competitions.  Check Here for all the Vincy Mas Soca Monarch 2012 Results or check the official SVG Carnival page 

Skinny Fabulous - Monster

Check out the Highlights of the Soca Monarch Competition (

Jul 6, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - July.04.2012

This week Drew and Carrie deliver music from Vincy Mas including the winners of the Ragga Soca competition, finalists from their upcoming Soca Monarch finals as well as a few favourites from St. Lucia's competition happening on July 14th. CalgarySoca thanks everyone that came out for Canada Day and we're already looking forward to even more events coming to Alberta all summer. Carrie and Drew go through the entire Soca listing at the end of the program including the info on the "LIME" happening this weekend in Edmonton.
  1. Bomani - Sagga Boy (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca - 3rd)
  2. Skarpyon - Wine'N (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca -2nd)
  3. Kester Morain - What A Party
  4. Fya Empress - Bam Bam Talk (Vincy Mas - Ragga Soca -Winner)
  5. B-Roca - Wining Proper (Pawdie Riddim)
  6. Tian Winter - Cya Fail Me
  7. Ricardo Drue - Get to know you (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  8. Problem Child - Life of the Party (Spanish Fly Ridddim)
  9. Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  10. Edwin Yearwood & Alison HInds - HIt Ah Nerve
  11. Drastic - Sing Me a Melody (Mango Riddim)
  12. Benjai - A.T.A.O Engoma (Magaroze Riddim)
  13. Kes - Your body Working (Magaroze Riddim)
  14. Teddyson John - J'Ouvert Morning (Magaroze Riddim)
  15. Teddyson John - We Gone Clear (Soufriere Riddim)
  16. Alpha - D Wetter D Better (Soufriere Riddim)
  17. Destra Garcia - Carry On (Soufriere Riddim)
  18. Fya Empress - Rum Please Road Mix
  19. Maddzart - Haunted
  20. Shaunelle Mckenzie - Carry On
  21. Problem Child - Road Rage
  22. Skinny Fabulous - Monster
  23. Fya Empress - True Vincy

Jul 5, 2012

We went "Limin" with we bucket 'till 5am!

Big up to Hot Box inc for throwing Alberta's first COOLER/Bucket FETE!  On Saturday July 7th 2012, the "Lime" at the Rossdale Brewery (9843-100 Street Edmonton) was open to all of us bringing our buckets pre-filled with booze!

This was an indoor/outdoor fete, although with the fantastic weather everyone chose to be outside under the trees.  The food was nice, the atmosphere was definitely something we had never before seen in Alberta, EVERYBODY brought a stocked cooler, and we literally partied till the sun came up!

Let's hope that more events like this can be put on in the future.  Thanks again to both DJ Diamond and DJ Gamegirl who played alongside Calgary Soca's own Drew Atlas and kept the party going till 5am. 

DJ Gamegirl took a few pics which she posted on her FB page.  We have a few below for you, just in case you missed out

food on the bar-b-que
party under the trees