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Jun 28, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - June.27.2012

This week we got ready for the R.S.V.P fete happening for Canada Day on Sunday night at Soho (801 6st SW). As expected there is more new music along with requests. Its also Anthony's Birthday, and we had yet another major Alberta soca concert announcement. Check the playlist below
  1. Keann - Too Soon 
  2. Bomani - Saga Boy 
  3. Farmer Nappy - Surrender 
  4. IZ ft. KI - Ain't Going Home*
  5. Kester "Babysilk" Morain - What a Party 
  6. Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine 
  7. J Wyze - Nah Wuk 
  8. Orlando Octave - Trini Gyal (Pawdie Riddim)* 
  9. Teddyson John - Big People Party (Lord Kitchener Riddim)*
  10. Lil' Rick - I Like Myself ( Lord Kitchener Riddim)  
  11. Lil' Rick - The Contest* 
  12. Tizzy & EL-A-Kru - Road Calling*
  13. Kerwin Dubois & Shal Marshall - Gyal Farm
  14. Drastic - Sing Me Ah Melody (The Mango Riddim)*
  15. Lil' Rick - Waistline Energy*
  16. Alpha - D Wetter D Better (Soufriere Riddim)*
  17. Teddyson John - Gone Clear (Soufriere Riddim)*
  18. Destra Garcia - Carry On (Soufriere Riddim) 
  19. Tian WInter - Raving*
  20. Tallpree - Oil Down*
  21. Benjai - People's Champion 
*=New this week

Jun 21, 2012

Carnival Mix #50 - CJSW - June.20.2012

The CalgarySoca team has been bringing the Soca vibes to Calgary airwaves for 50 weeks now, so we decided to celebrate a little with some of the tracks we've been 'bubbling' to for the last couple months. We decide to announce a Party for FREE to celebrate, plus Lil' Rick comes to Edmonton next week so there's a few of his songs on this week as well.
  1. Kes The Band - My Love (Summer Wave Riddim) 
  2. Kes the Band - Real Love (Slow WIne Riddim 
  3. Lil' Rick - Bubble Like She (Slow Wine Riddim) 
  4. Dutty Android - Wineing Dan 
  5. Basil Yard - Bounce Around 
  6. Drastic - Badder Than You (Sugar Dumpling Riddim) 
  7. Tian Winter - All I Ask (Sugar Dumpling Riddim) 
  8. Kester "Baby Silk" Morain - What a Party 
  9. Bunji Garlin - No Worry Bout Me (Blue Diesel Riddim) 
  10. Answar - Bounce To This (Blue Diesel Riddim) 
  11. Lil' Rick - Leggings Jeggings (Blue Diesel Riddim)
  12. Lil' Rick - Bashment (Sample Mania Riddim) 
  13. Destra - Ruff Stuff (Sample Mania Riddim) 
  14. KC - Work 
  15. Machel Montano - Go Down (Loud Speaker Riddim) 
  16. Tian Winter - Can't Fail Me 
  17. Edwin Yearwood - Pushing It 
  18. Edwin Yearwood & Allison Hinds - Hit a Nerve 
  19. Teddyson John - Land of Wine 
  20. Fire Empress - True Vincy (Sugar Waist Riddim) 
  21. Kevin Lyttle & Skinny Fabulous - I Love Carnival 
  22. Benjai - ATAO Engoma 
  23. Kes - You Body Workin' 
  24. Lil' Rick - Ravers (Crazy Jab Riddim) 
  25. Erphann Alves - Like a Bajan (Crazy Jab Riddim)
  26. Skinny Fabulous - Monster 
  27. Destra - Carry On (Soufriere Riddim)
  28. Kes - Precision Wine 

Jun 16, 2012

Thanks for Celebrating Canada Day!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE that came out for CalgarySoca's LAST FETE OF THE SUMMER. we celebrated Canada Day FOR FREE and the ONLY way to get a ticket was to R.S.V.P:

Let's face it we've spent WAY TOO much money on fetes already this year!  'BlackOut', 'Colours', Carifest, 'Cheers', Rupee, Lil' Rick and we still have to go to Edmonton again for Cariwest and maybe make it to Machel in Vancouver!  We barely had enough to tide us through Canada's Big day.

As a thank you to all who have been celebrating with us over the last few months, CalgarySoca threw our first appreciation party just in time for Canada Day for a chance to party while not hurting the pocket book.  

All you had to do was R.S.V.P and your ticket was FREE!

Soho allowed us to open the uppermost floor of the club and have the kitchen serve Caribbean Food all night!  Thank you to FOOD TREK catering,  the capacity crowd who attended including the executive and volunteers from the Caribbean Community Council of Calgary, Sykotik Mas and The Trinidad and Tobago Association.  

 The CalgarySoca team will be traveling to Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and Jamaica for the rest of the summer so this was our last official party in Calgary until the fall.

Jun 13, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Jun.13.2012

Right after Carifest in Calgary the crew cools out with some up and coming hits from Trinidad, Antigua, St Vincent and a bunch of new music from Barbados to warm up for Cropover. We recap some of the events that made the Carifest festival memorable. Listen for music from Calgary's own Kester Morain and the track of the week from Tian Winter. Enjoy!

  1. Lil' Rick - Bubble Like She (Slow Wine Riddim)
  2. Kes - Real Love (Slow Wine Riddim)
  3. Aaron Fresh - Hot Summer 
  4. Tian Winter - Crash  
  5. Kester Morain - What A Party (Carifest 2012 Monarch)
  6. Zoelah - More Water 
  7. Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts - I am Soca 
  8. Lil'Rick - I Like Muhself 
  9. Lil' Rick - Go Dung 
  10. Machel Montano - Go Down 
  11. Mr. Vegas ft Alison Hinds - Bruk It Down (Remix)
  12. Tian Winter - Cya Fail Me 
  13. Alison Hinds - Baddy (Banjo Power Riddim) 
  14. TC - Whole Day 
  15. Edwin Yearwood & Alison Hinds - Hit a Nerve 
  16. Skinny Fabulous - Upside Down (Y3 Riddim) 
  17. Problem Child - Can't Stop Feting (Y3 Riddim) 
  18. Lavaman - I, Myself & Me (Y3 Rddim) 
  19. Rupee - Jump 
  20. Kes The Band - Pretty Gyal 
  21. Lil'Rick - Ravers 
  22. Erphaan Alves - Like A Bajan (Do me Dat) 
  23. Lutenants - Fire 
  24. Faye Ann Lyons - Miss Behave 
  25. Rupee - What Happens In The Party 

Jun 10, 2012

Rupee in Calgary for Carifest (video)

Bajan Soca sensation, Rupee came to Calgary on June 9th as a part of Calgary's 31st Carifest Celebrations.  Rupee, best known for chart-topping hits including "Ice Cream", "Jump", "What Happens In De Party", and the internationally released, "Tempted to Touch",  brought his brand of Soca to both Shaw Millennium Park during the day, and as the headliner for the official afterparty later that evening at the Republik Nightclub (219 17ave SW, Calgary.).

Joining the festivities were, the man voted Canada's #1 Soca DJ for 2010 and 2011, DJ Soca Sweetness, Florida's Barrie Hype who rocked on stage with and helped Rupee deliver the heat, and CalgarySoca's own Drew Atlas. Below are a couple highlights of Rupee's time in Calgary thanks to some very appreciative fans.

Jun 8, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - June.06.2012

Its Carifest week and the crew came ready to party! Carrie was a little under the weather and the weather forecast was a bit dismal, but with Rupee coming to town we got right into party mode. Check for a special 'wet fete' song selection, a Rupee refresher, and of course more new tunes! Enjoy.
  1. Rupee ft Daddy Yankee - Tempted to Touch Remix
  2. Rupee - Single Ladies (Patty Cake Riddim)
  3. Rupee - Cake
  4. Johnny King - Wet Me Down
  5. Bomani - Wet
  6. Zoelah - More Water
  7. Coalishun ft Rupee - Not me
  8. Rupee - I am Bajan
  9. Ziggy Rankin - On The Wall (SIM Card Riddim)*
  10. Anthony B - It's Carnival (SIM Card Riddim)*
  11. Lil' Rick - I like Myself
  12. Lil' Rick - Bashment (Sample Mania Riddim)*
  13. Skinny Fabulous - Shut Up your Mouth - (Sample Mania Riddim)*
  14. Edwin Yearwood - Pushin' It*
  15. Lil' Rick - Every Party*
  16. Machel Montano - Mr.Fete
  17. Kevin Little ft. Skinny Fabulous - I Love Carnival *
  18. Ricardo Dru - Good Time (Washweh Riddim)*
  19. Claudette Peters - Play (Washweh Riddim)*
  20. Iwer George - Water
  21. Kerry B - Live on - (Local Artist)
  22. Rupee - Jump
  23. Rupee - I will be there
  24. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag
  25. Skinny Fabulous - Ten Thousand Strong
  26. Skinny Fabulous - Monster*
  27. Rupee - That Where I'll be

Jun 3, 2012

Happy Carifest 2k12

June in Calgary for many of us means its time for the annual Caribbean Festival.  Carifest goes from June 2nd -  June 9th and features events from the Gospel show, to movie night, to the Parade, Day at the Park and of course fetes.  We've been talking for weeks about the official after party with Rupee, but here Sabrina Naz gives you a rundown of the other events that you should be checking out this week.