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May 31, 2012

Carnival Mix - CJSW - May.30.2012

We start off the show with every intention of playing as many sub-genres of Soca as we could squeeze in the hour as a warm up for Carifest 2012. With so much music released again this week, something had to give! Dancehall Soca, Island Pop, Power Soca, Groovy Soca, but no Chutney unfortunately :( We'll have to make up for that another week.Calgary's annual Caribbean festival, Carifest get its official warm-up here! Enjoy

  1. Destra Garcia - You Give Good Love (Worldwide Riddim)
  2. Kes - My Love (Summer Wave Riddim)*
  3. Neutron - GBM Movie (Movie Riddim)*
  4. Shal Marshall - Enjoy Life (Movie Riddim)*
  5. Super Jigga TC - Gyal Overload (Movie Riddim)*
  6. Popcaan - Party Shat - (Soca Refix)
  7. Basil Yard - Bounce Around*
  8. Scrunter - Woman on the Bass
  9. KC - Work (Kazi)
  10. Machel Montano - Go Down (Loud Speaker Riddim)*
  11. Phillip 7 ft Skinny Fabulous - Bend your Back*
  12. Lil' Rick - I Like Myself
  13. Unda Dawg - I Like Dat*
  14. Shanta Prince ft. Peter Ram - Do Road*
  15. Miss Paige - Who's Wining on You*
  16. Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  17. Problem Child - LIfe of the Party (Spanish Fly Riddim)
  18. Tian Winter - On Fire*
  19. Fyah Empress - True Vincy (Sugar Waist Riddim)*
  20. Whizskid - Party Steady (Sugar Waist Riddim)*
  21. Sherman Hype - Soca Pop Riddim Instrumental
  22. Hypa Kidz - It's Carnival*
  23. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag
  24. Miss Paige - Can't Stop (Kaf Kaf Riddim)*
  25. Fyah Empress - In the Crease - (Kaf Kaf Riddim)*
  26. Skinny Fabulous - 10,000 Strong
  27. Super Blue - Wine on Something
*=New this week

    May 25, 2012

    Soca Sweetness and the Drummer Boy

    He coming again!  Soca Sweetness that is!  Canada's Soca DJ of the year for 2010 and 2011 will be back in Calgary for Carifest 2k12 on Saturday June 9th.

    Time to get warm with one of his latest mixes and this one is crazy for sure.  'Sweetness' teams up with Drummer/producer Doc Jones to deliver an insane medley of Soca featuring live drums!

    Check it here:

    May 24, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- May.23.2012

    This week Drew and Anthony deliver more new music from St.Vincent, Barbados, Antigua and St. Lucia as we countdown to Carifest 2012 in Calgary and Rupee's performance! We also find out that ANOTHER Bajan superstar will be in the province for June

    1. Fantom Dundeal - Press Up*
    2. Dutty Android - Wineing Dan*
    3. Inches - Get Dibby*
    4. Ms Paige ft. Fryktion - Callin Me
    5. Tian Winter - All I Ask
    6. Drastic - Badda Dan You
    7. KC - Work (Kazi)*
    8. Lil Rick - I Like Muhself*
    9. Hypasounds - Wuk It Up Bad*
    10. Kerwin Du Bois ft. Bunji Garlin - Runaway
    11. Problem Child ft. Patrice Roberts - Love Me Carnival*
    12. B-Roca - Crank D Motor*
    13. KI ft. Machel Montano - Single Forever Remix
    14. Ricardo Drue - Get To Know You (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    15. Daneel - I Love The Way (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    16. Problem Child - Life Of The Party (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    17. Kes the Band - Precision Wine
    18. Mr. Dale - Galore*
    19. Benjai - A.T.A.O Engoma (Magaroze Riddim)
    20. Teddyson - J'ourvert Morning (Magaroze Riddim)
    21. Kes - Your Body Working (Magaroze Riddim)
    22. Nigel Lewis - Moving To The Left
    23. Crazy - Nani Wine (Mastermind Remix)
    24. Karella - We Gettin On
    25. Kester 'Baby Silk' Morain - Gimme De Soca
    26. Lil Rick - Ravers (Crazy Jab Riddim)*
    27. Skinny Fabulous - Shell Down Dat (Crazy Jab Riddim)*
    28. Rupee - Mas Hysteria
    29. David Rudder - High Mas
    *=New This Week

    Essential Rupee mixtape compilation by 'Threeks'

    Just prior to his performance in Calgary for Carifest next month, it looks like international Soca star Rupee will be in Germany for Berlin's Carnival this weekend. Sure enough the 'Threeks Sound' crew decided to put together one of, if not the BEST compilation of Rupee's tunes. We all benefit!  Check out the mix below and don't forget to get your tickets for Rupee's show here in Calgary, June 9th 2012!

    May 19, 2012

    'Colours' fete was Vibrant!

    Thank you to all who came out to Soho for CalgarySoca's 'Colours' fete.  The event was once again sold out!  Everyone came to party and both Sherman Hype and Drew Atlas delivered!  The first of the pics are up now on the facebook page.  Make sure you 'like' the page to check them all.  The countdown is now on to Carifest, and Rupee on June 9th

    May 18, 2012

    CarnivalMix-May.16.2012 - Colours Warm-up

    Drew lost his voice this week, but we still had a party in studio as we warmed up for the "Colours" fete. The tunes were coming Rapid Fire! TONS of Soca favourites, more of the upcoming hits for 2012 Carnivals, plus a brand new track from Skinny Fabulous

    Download mp3

    1. Coalishun - Thundah
    2. Kimba Sorzano - Over You
    3. Machel Montano - One More Time
    4. Tian Winter - All I Ask (Suga Dumplin' Riddim)
    5. Drastic - Badder Dan You (Suga Dumplin' Riddim)
    6. Dutty Android - Conduckta
    7. Tian Winter - Body Up
    8. Benjai - People's Champion (3zero Riddim)
    9. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3zero Riddim)
    10. Destra & Kerwin - Baddist
    11. KI ft MAchel Montano - Single Forever (Remix)
    12. Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    13. Al Rounder - Garlic Sauce
    14. Machel Montano - Mr.Fete
    15. Machel Montano - A.O.A (Electro lights Riddim)
    16. Kes - Where You From - ( Electro Lights Riddim)
    17. Kes The Band - Your Body Working (Maragoze Riddim)
    18. Ambi - Madam (Iyanola Riddim)
    19. Mac Fingal - Big Belly Man
    20. Denise Belfond - Ka Ka Lay Lay
    21. Karella - We Gettin On'
    22. Iwer George - We Reach
    23. Russell Cadogan - Big Bottom Girl
    24. Destra & Machel Montano - It's Carnival
    25. Prophet Wine - Throw Wine
    26. Fay Ann Lyons - Miss Behave
    27. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag
    28. Tizzy - Expose
    29. Alison Hinds - Explode
    30. Mr.Dale - Wow
    31. Skinny Fabulous - 10 Thousand Strong*
    32. Sherman Hype - Soca Pop Riddim
    33. Rupee - 'Till Morning

    May 10, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- May.09.2012

    Drew and Carrie debut 3 new Groovy riddims this week. The countdown is on for both the "Colours" fete and Rupee's performance for Carifest. Enjoy brand new music from Trini artists, Antiguans, Bajans, Lucians, Jamaicans and 'Vincys'. This hour went by WAAY to fast! If you're like us, you'll play this one show over and over again. Enjoy!
    Download mp3

    1. Galanaire Avalauche - Tonight (Infexuos Riddim)*
    2. Popcaan - Party Shat (Soca Remix)
    3. Rupee - Slow Motion
    4. Kes The Band - Stress Away - (4D Riddim)
    5. Bomani - Sagga Boy*
    6. Tian Winter - All I Ask (Sugar Dumplin' Riddim)*
    7. Drastic - Badder Dan You (Sugar Dumplin' Riddim)*
    8. Dutty Android - Conduckta*
    9. Mr. Vegas - Bruck it Down (Soca Remix)
    10. Tian Winter - Body Up
    11. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3zero Riddim)
    12. Benjai - The People's Champion (3zero Riddim)
    13. Tizzy & El-A- Kru - Party Hard*
    14. Ricardo Drue - Drunk Up*
    15. Invader - 4 A Cut (Magaroze Riddim)*
    16. Benjai - A.T.A.O Engoma (Magaroze Riddim)*
    17. Kes - Your Body Working (Magaroze Riddim)*
    18. Problem Child - Wine Up Stink*
    19. Maddzart - Haunted*
    20. Rupee - Frenzy
    21. Lord Kitchener - Sugar Bum Bum
    *=New this week

    May 4, 2012


    We've got more 'Vincy' and 'Bajan' releases to play this week. Honestly there's so much coming out that we weren't able to feature it all in one hour. Make sure you check out 'Blood' Arnstrong's amazing compilation, "Louder". Bajan Soca fans should have that in their collection before the end of the season. Plus we officially announce Rupee's performance for Carifest Calgary 2012. Yay!

    Download mp3
    1. Konshens - Bubble Gyal (Soca Refix)
    2. Peter Ram - Party (Slow Wine Riddim)*
    3. Lil' Rick - Bubble Like She (Slow Wine Riddim)*
    4. Tian Winter - You Got it
    5. Rupee ft Lil Kim - Do the Damn Thing
    6. Rupee - Blame It On The Music
    7. Tamisha Nicholls & Zoelah - Ride D Ting*
    8. Tino - Till Morning - (Swagga Riddim)*
    9. Hodgie & ABC - Delete - (Swagga Riddim)
    10. Jamesy P - Corporate Freaks
    11. Rupee - I'm a Bajan
    12. Crimeson - Throw a Tantrum - (Blue Diesel Riddim)
    13. Lil' Rick - Leggings and Jeggings (Blue Diesel Riddim)
    14. Skinny Fabulous - Hello (Blue Diesel Riddim)*
    15. Luni Sparks and Electrify - My Grenada*
    16. Alpha - Bodyguard*
    17. Tian Winter - Body Up*
    18. Patrice Roberts - A Little Wine (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    19. Problem Child - Life of the Party (Spanish Fly Riddim)
    20. Inches - Slow Wine*
    21. Teddyson John - Land of Wine
    22. Problem Child - Party Animal
    23. M1 - Gimme Dat (145 Riddim)*
    24. Rupee - Jump
    25. Allison Hinds - Soca Till We Die (Greenlight Riddim)*
    26. Blood - Go (Green Light Riddim)*
    27. Ozzy George (Pan instrumental)
    28. Rupee - Magnet to Steel
    *=New this week

    May 1, 2012

    Supa Soca 17 out Now! Crazy Remixes included

    Soca DJ Royalty team up for the latest installment of the Supa Soca Series!  Crown Prince is joined by Florida's Barrie Hype, and Toronto's Dr. Jay and Jester for episode 17 of the legendary Soca remix series.

    If you like your Soca with a HEAVY dose of ISLAND POP Remix,  you have to have this on your player!  Don't take our word for it CHECK IT FOR YOURSELF!

    Click Here for the Tracklist



    Machel Montano in Vancouver this August

    Soca Icon, Machel Montano brings the entire HD family to Canada's West Coast this summer!  Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom plays host to the entire HD family including Farmer Nappy, Patrice Roberts, and Zan on Saturday August 18th 2012!

    Is this the closest to Calgary that Machel is going to be this year?  We don't know but you can bet that if we hear anything at all, we'll post it right here.

    The pre-sale tickets are available until Friday May 4th, then will go on sale to the general public for the weekend.  If you are thinking of making the trip to Vancouver (and by now you should be...) get your tickets at LiveNation's site.