Apr 12, 2012

Become a Soca-Early-Bird!

We are pleasantly surprised at just how well our latest event has sold, but it does mean that some of our good friends and family won't be able to join us this Friday. We never want to exclude those who have been with us from the start and so, to remedy that we're introducing our improved "Early Bird".

At the BlackOut Fete on Friday walk with a few extra bucks! We will be announcing our next event AND offering the first of our limited discount tickets with a special bonus for those in attendance! (Believe us, we will make it worth your while)

We want to give our best supporters the opportunity to find out first, AND get CHEAP tickets (with a BONUS) on the night of our events from now on.  It starts this Friday night at Soho.

So stretch up.....Get out the Black Clothing, put a couple extra dollars in the pocket, and we'll see you at the


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