Feb 4, 2012

The Hottest Songs of Trinidad Carnvial 2012

We've gone through all the songs for the Carnival season and put together the best ones in two exclusive mixes.  The hottest songs from Carnival 2K12 in both the Power Soca and Groovy Soca are here so you can play whichever one depending on your mood.  Download them both from our 'exclusive downloads'

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  1. For Groovy Soca Essentials 2k12

    Can we get a playlist in plain text format?

  2. 1.kimba sorzano - over you
    2.machel montano - make you rock
    3.kes - stress away
    4.benjai - toating feelings
    5.tian winter - crash
    6.gabrielle - dutty
    7.terry seales please (remix)
    8.kes the band - coming over
    9.kes intros popcaan
    10.shurwayne & popcaan - badder than we
    11.edwin yearwood - good time
    12.inches & shurwayne - jiggle it (remix)
    13.farmer nappy & lady g - surrender (remix)
    14.bunji garlin - bam bam
    15.patrice roberts & swappi - gih me
    16.patrice roberts - slow wine
    17.kerwin & patrice - i am soca
    18.farmer nappy - you make me
    19.shurwayne wincester - wining addiction
    20.bunji garlin - tun up
    21.nadia batson - intimate
    22.skhi - can't stay away
    23.kerwin & bunji - runaway
    24.machel montano - bottle of rum
    25.benjai - the peoples champion
    26.destra - carnival children
    27.cassi - inside de party
    28.nadia batson - no pressure
    29.destra & kerwin - baddist
    30.machel montano - on the avenue
    31.k.rich - nothing less
    32.fay-ann & baron - all over
    33.all rounder - garlic sauce
    34.ricky jai - drinker's anthem
    35.alternative drinking blend
    36.machel montano - vibes cyah done
    37.kerwin dubois - bacchanalist
    38.machel montano - mr.fete
    39.machel montano - in charge
    40.jw & blaze - we time
    41.bunji garlin - cosmic shift

  3. Thanks! Please do that for every play mix.:)


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