Feb 16, 2012

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Feb.15.2012 - Roadmixes

Trinidad Carnival is now only days away!  Some of the CalgarySoca family has left and started their partying in T&T, but Carrie, Drew and Anthony are staying in town this year.  That doesn't mean that the party isn't going strong though.  Live streaming of Soca Monarch on Friday, 2 T&T association Fetes on Saturday, and of course the long weekend means no-work-Monday!  If you can't make it down to the islands this year, no worries, just put this show on "Repeat"

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  1. Machel Montano - Gyal Wuk (RoadMix)
  2. Sean Caruth - Coal Pot
  3. Kes ft. Skinny Fabulous - Coming Over (Remix)
  4. Bunji Garlin - Tun Up (Roadmix)
  5. Farmer Nappy - Surrender (Roadmix)
  6. Screws - Ole Mas (Old Iron Riddim)
  7. Zan - Dutty Me (Old Iron Riddim)
  8. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3zero Riddim)
  9. Benjai - People's Champion (3zero Riddim)
  10. Bunji Garlin - The Gift of Soca (3zero Riddim)
  11. Super Jigga TC - Action (Roadmix)
  12. Mr. Renzo ft. Swappi - Extraordinary (Roadmix)
  13. Swappi - Bubble on a DJ (Roadmix)
  14. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete (Roadmix)
  15. Kerwin Dubois - Bacchanalist (Roadmix)
  16. Michele X and Kes - Head Bad (On the Road) (Roadmix)
  17. Kes - Come Play Ah Mas (Roadmix)
  18. Terry Gajraj - Waist Breaker (Dil Mora)
  19. Coyaba - Grampa Cocoa (Roadmix)
  20. Destra - Link Up (Roadmix)
  21. Fay Ann Lyons - Miss Behave (Roadmix)
  22. Hollywood Sachy - Concrete (Roadmix)
  23. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain) (Roadmix)
  24. Swappi - Bucket (Roadmix)
  25. Bunji Garlin - Born Ready (Roadmix)
  26. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag (758 Remix)
  27. Trinidad Allstars - Woman on the Bass (SteelPan)
  28. Roger George - Culture


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