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Feb 29, 2012

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Feb.29th.2012

For our leap year show, we decided to mix it up with the Old and the new Soca. We get new music from Fantom Dundeal out of Barbados, and once again Selecta Hype forwarded on a mix from St. Lucia's 758 studios which features new work from Bunji Garlin. Sprinkle a few requests and road-mixes and "voilà."  Without getting too personal, the CalgarySoca family lost someone close today. The last song in the mix is for him.

Download mp3
  1. H2O Flow - A little Closer 
  2. Da Bhann - My love 
  3. 3 Suns - By the Bar 
  4. Fantom Dundeal - My Time*
  5. Krosfyah ft. Edwin Yearwood - French Kiss 
  6. Mr. Dale - Born Fa Dis 
  7. Kes - Coming Over Road Mix 
  8. Bunji Garlin - Tun Up 
  9. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum 
  10. Benjai - The People's Champion 
  11. Andy Armstrong - Turn it Up 
  12. KI ft. Machel Montano - Single Forever Remix 
  13. Maximus Dan - Love Generation 
  14. Erphann Alves - In your Eyes
  15. Kerwin DuBois - Bacchanalist Road Mix 
  16. South South West - Thelma 
  17. Bud - Man Ah Bad Man 
  18. Karella - We Gettin' On 
  19. Iwer George - Ah Home 
  20. Rukshun - Ta Ta 
  21. Benjai - Over & Over 
  22. Bunji Garlin - Soca Bhangra 
  23. Bunji Garlin - Mash Up*
  24. Patrice Roberts - Horn Pass 
  25. Erphann Alves ft. Machel Montano - Terrible 
  26. Prophet Benjamin - Throw Wine 
  27. Machel Montano - Higher than High Remix 
  28. Rupee - You Never Know
*=New this week

    Feb 22, 2012


    After the Carnival festivities of Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.  The entire CalgarySoca crew was in need of a "Cool Down."  Since the show atually fell on Ash Wednesday, we decided to play the Soca accordingly.  There are classics in the mix, a few requests and a full recap of Carnival 2012 winners and almost winners.  Enjoy!

    Download mp3
    1. Issaac Blackman - To the Ceiling 
    2. David Rudder - High Mas
    3. Gyptian - Hold Yuh 
    4. Kimba Sorzano - Over You 
    5. Baron - Sweet Soca Man 
    6. Edwin Yearwood ft. Krosfyah - Pump Me Up  
    7. Benjai - Toating Feelings 
    8. Biggie Irrie - Cyaan Be Over  
    9. Edwin Yearwood ft. Patrice Roberts - Neighbour 
    10. 3 Canal - Good Morning Neighbour
    11. Bunji Garlin - Bless u 
    12. Merchant - Um Ba Yo 
    13. Trinidad All Stars - Panorama Finals 2012 
    14. Machel Montano - Mr.Fete Road Mix (Groovy Soca Monarch 2012)
    15. Destra - Beautiful Day 
    16. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)
    17. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag Road Mix (Power Soca Monarch/Road March 2012)

    Machel Montano wins Power, Groovy and Road March for 2012

    After a spectacular live stream from, viewers were left not knowing who placed in the international Soca Monarch competition last Saturday night.  Later we got reports via the official Soca Monarch FB page that Machel ha done it!  He won in both the Power and Groovy categories with "Pump Yuh Flag" and "Mr. Fete" respectively. 

    Now the Trinidad Express reports that Machel Montano has taken Soca's remaining top honour, Road March!  "Pump Yuh Flag" was played 233 times over the Carnival Parade in T&T to win the crown.  Machel was followed by Fay Ann Lyons "Miss Behave" which was played 96 times and Iwer George's "Jab (No Pain) which recorded 84 plays.

    Feb 20, 2012

    Soca Monarch 2012 (Replay)

    In case you missed the International Soca Monarch competition on February 18th 2012, or just have to see some of the most memorable performances again, don't worry we've compiled an hour and a half of the show's best performances for you to re-watch. Viewers from all over the world uploaded their favourites to YouTube, so we put together the most comprehensive playlist we could find. Click Here to watch now! Select your favourite performance to replay or just hit the "Play All" button to take it all in.

    Feb 16, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Feb.15.2012 - Roadmixes

    Trinidad Carnival is now only days away!  Some of the CalgarySoca family has left and started their partying in T&T, but Carrie, Drew and Anthony are staying in town this year.  That doesn't mean that the party isn't going strong though.  Live streaming of Soca Monarch on Friday, 2 T&T association Fetes on Saturday, and of course the long weekend means no-work-Monday!  If you can't make it down to the islands this year, no worries, just put this show on "Repeat"

    Download mp3
    1. Machel Montano - Gyal Wuk (RoadMix)
    2. Sean Caruth - Coal Pot
    3. Kes ft. Skinny Fabulous - Coming Over (Remix)
    4. Bunji Garlin - Tun Up (Roadmix)
    5. Farmer Nappy - Surrender (Roadmix)
    6. Screws - Ole Mas (Old Iron Riddim)
    7. Zan - Dutty Me (Old Iron Riddim)
    8. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum (3zero Riddim)
    9. Benjai - People's Champion (3zero Riddim)
    10. Bunji Garlin - The Gift of Soca (3zero Riddim)
    11. Super Jigga TC - Action (Roadmix)
    12. Mr. Renzo ft. Swappi - Extraordinary (Roadmix)
    13. Swappi - Bubble on a DJ (Roadmix)
    14. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete (Roadmix)
    15. Kerwin Dubois - Bacchanalist (Roadmix)
    16. Michele X and Kes - Head Bad (On the Road) (Roadmix)
    17. Kes - Come Play Ah Mas (Roadmix)
    18. Terry Gajraj - Waist Breaker (Dil Mora)
    19. Coyaba - Grampa Cocoa (Roadmix)
    20. Destra - Link Up (Roadmix)
    21. Fay Ann Lyons - Miss Behave (Roadmix)
    22. Hollywood Sachy - Concrete (Roadmix)
    23. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain) (Roadmix)
    24. Swappi - Bucket (Roadmix)
    25. Bunji Garlin - Born Ready (Roadmix)
    26. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag (758 Remix)
    27. Trinidad Allstars - Woman on the Bass (SteelPan)
    28. Roger George - Culture

    Feb 11, 2012

    Cold Sweat brought the Heat!

    Thanks to everyone that came out to CalgarySoca's first fete of the year. The sold out event featured all the hottest tunes from Carnival 2k12. We were back at Soho Bar in downtown Calgary for a truly memorable night. If we didn't see you at this party, we'll see you at the next one for sure.

    Feb 10, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Feb.08..2012

    As much as we were warming up for the 'Cold Sweat' Fete this week, we also took time to acknowledge Grenada's Independence (Not enough time to do it justice in 1hour, but we got a few artists in there.) There are quite a few remixes of 2k12 favourites this week as well. Enjoy!

    Download mp3

    1. Kimba Sorzano - Over You 
    2. Kes The Band ft. Snoop Dog - Stress Away (Remix)
    3. Marshon - Wifey Less
    4. Chucky - Touch it (Tune Up Riddim)
    5. Patch - Tune Up (Tune Up Riddim) 
    6. Blaxx - Sound De Horn - (Sansousi Riddim)
    7. KI ft. Machel - Single Forever (Remix)
    8. Terri Lyons ft. Beenie Man - Can't stop Movin' (Remix)
    9. K Rich - Nothing Less (Roadmix)
    10. Benjai - People's Champion - (3Zero Riddim)
    11. Rikki Jai ft. Lady Saw - Johnny Walker (Remix)
    12. Erphann Alves - In Your Eyes (Antilles Riddim)
    13. Machel Montano - Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim)
    14. Kerwin Dubois ft. Superblue - Bacchanalist Remix
    15. Destra - Link Up
    16. Mr.Killa - All Gettonas
    17. Tallpree - Jab all Over
    18. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag
    19. Iwer George - Jab No Pain
    20. Nadia Batson - Makin' Up
    21. Gabby - Dr. Casandra

    Feb 4, 2012

    The Hottest Songs of Trinidad Carnvial 2012

    We've gone through all the songs for the Carnival season and put together the best ones in two exclusive mixes.  The hottest songs from Carnival 2K12 in both the Power Soca and Groovy Soca are here so you can play whichever one depending on your mood.  Download them both from our 'exclusive downloads'

    DOWNLOAD "Power Soca Essentials 2k12" NOW!

    DOWNLOAD "Groovy Soca Essentials 2k12" NOW!

    Feb 1, 2012


    After a spectacular International Soca Monarch on the weekend, we get a dose of new remixes and the crew predicts the winners for the upcoming Soca Monarch finals.  The analysis is pretty in depth.  See if you agree. Be on the lookout for exclusive mixes to get us all in the mood for the Cold Sweat fete and for T&T Carnival posted right here on CalgarySoca.

    Download mp3

    1. Machel Montano - Make Yuh Rock (4D Riddim)
    2. Swappi - 4D Gyal (4D Riddim)
    3. Kes the Band ft Snoop Dog - Stress Away Remix
    4. Invader - What a Bumper
    5. Alpha - Lucian Wine
    6. Tian Winter - Pressure waist
    7. M1 - Free Up
    8. Bunji Garlin - Bam Bam
    9. JW & Blaze - We Time (Maserati Riddim)
    10. Kimba Sorzano - Rude Gyal (Maserati Riddim)
    11. Erphaan Alves - In your Eyes (Antilles Riddim)
    12. Super Jigga TC - Action
    13. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete
    14. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag (758 Remix)
    15. Fireman Hooper - Animal
    16. Mikey - Pavement Anticipation
    17. Hard Knaxx - Kentucky
    18. Iwer George - Jab(No Pain)
    19. Shadow - Stranger

    Snoop Dogg meets Soca, thanks to Kes

    Kes the band continues to push the envelope with regards to Soca's sound. After announcing yesterday that we would experience the "biggest collaboration ever" in Soca music, today at noon was unveiled the official remix to 'Stress Away' on the 4D riddim featuring none other than Snoop Dogg. Also check out the official video released on YouTube