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Jan 28, 2012

New Video - Machel Montano HD - 'Mr. Fete'

I don't know about you, but this video makes me want to be in a party right now! Machel shows off his utter control of the crowd and has the frenzied masses hanging on his every lyric (Some...hanging off of his belt buckle!)

Jan 26, 2012

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Jan.25th.2011 - Newness

 We had a new voice join us on air this week as Calgary Soca was proud to welcome a St. Lucian into the studio.  Sherman joins Drew and Carrie as we deliver some more hot tunes this week.  By the end of the show he even gets dubbed with his new stage name though we'll see if it actually sticks Also following the debut of Karella's 'We Gettin' On' last week, we get another local artist delivering music to the Carnival mix.  Look for Harmon33y's 'Get On Bad' along with  remixes, and more new jams this week, Enjoy.

  1. Destra Garcia - Attitude (Red Bull Riddim)
  2. Orlando Octave & Kerry John - Go Down (Red Bull Riddim)
  3. Patrice Roberts & Swappi - Gih Me (Red Bull Riddim)
  4. Bunji Garlin - Bam Bam (Red Bull Riddim)
  5. Shurwayne Winchester ft. Popcaan -  Nobody Badda Dan We (remix)
  6. Farmer Nappy ft. Lady G - Surrender (remix)
  7. Benjai - The People's Champion *
  8. Machel Montano - Bottle of Rum *
  9. Ms. Paige - Nice & Slow *
  10. Destra Garcia - Carnival Children *
  11. All Rounder - Garlic Sauce 
  12. Bunji Garlin - Cosmic Shift (Cosmic Riddim) 
  13. Mr. Renzo - Soca Rocket Ship (Cosmic Riddim)
  14. Kes the Band - Come Play Ah Mas (Dub Step Riddim) 
  15. Karella - We Gettin' On
  16. Harmon33y - Get on Bad *
  17. Destra - Link Up *
  18. Nadia Batson & Shal Marshall - Yeah *
  19. Hollywood Saachy - Hard Concrete 
  20. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)
  21. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag 
  22. Bunji Garlin - Born ready 
  23. Kerwin Dubois - Make Room 
  24. Patrice Roberts - Solution *
  25. Explainer Ft. Bunji GArlin - Lorraine (re-make)

(*=New this week)

Jan 21, 2012

Download Remi's 2k12 Carnival Send-Off Mix

Thanks to DJ Remi of "The Rising Sun" for dropping a mix as many of us get ready for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. He's even made it available for download on his Podcast page. As expected, its loaded with all the latest tunes for Carnival 2k12. Enjoy!

Jan 20, 2012

Its Official....No Bunji or Fay Ann for Soca Monarch

Two of T&T's strongest Soca performers and multiple Soca Monarch winners, Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons will not be attempting to win for 2k12.

They mentioned it on their facebook page last week and then announced it publicly during their performance at "Fire Fete." (See below for the full 1hr performance video. Bunji tells us with lyrics starting at 39:10)

They didn't officially say why they were refusing to enter this year's competition, but there might be some clues in Bunji's performance for sure.

For more insight into their announcement and even some possible predictions for this year's international Soca Monarch in their abscence, check out this article from the Trinidad Guardian. Do you have a favourite for the Power and Groovy categories this year?  Let us know in the comment section below.

Jan 18, 2012

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Jan.18th.2011 - Slackness Session

It was around 25 degrees below zero in Calgary and 2 of us hadn't eaten all day. We were counting down the days until our next party and by the 2nd half of the show, we got the icicles thawed out and really started to party. It took a few slack and racy songs to do it though.  We give you Power tunes from T&T Carnival 2k12, plus a track produced by Poirier from Montreal, a riddim produced by Ashwin Seegobin out of London, England, and a solid track from Edmonton's Karella (aka DJ Diamond). Enjoy.

  1. Terry Seals, Terry Lyons & Ziggy Rankin - Please (remix)
  2. Simone Ramoutar - Island Princess 
  3. Destra - Attitude - (Red Bull Riddim)
  4. Bunji Garlin - Bam Bam - (Red Bull Riddim)
  5. All Rounder - Garlic Sauce*
  6. AJ Ventura Ft. Skinny Fabulous - Spirit of Carnival
  7. Problem Child & Daniel Veria - Crazy (Cosmic Riddim)*
  8. Bunji Garlin - Cosmic Shift (Cosmic Riddim)*
  9. Asten 'Guidance' Isaac - Beat It*
  10. Ronnie Homer - Miss Mary Mango*
  11. Michelle Xavier & Kes - Head Bad on De Road*
  12. Karella  - We Gettin' On*
  13. Chiney & Screws - Pullin' Bull
  14. Nadia Batson - Making Up
  15. Poirier & EJ Von Lyrik - Bring it On*
  16. DJ HP - Dance Doggy - (Bad Dog Riddim)
  17. Teddyson 'TJ' John - Mash it Up - (Bad Dog Riddim)
  18. Fay Ann Lyons - Miss Behave - (Bad Dog Riddim)
  19. Kerwin DuBois - Make Room* 
  20. Hollywood Sachy - Hard Concrete*
  21. Bunji Garlin - Born Ready*
  22. Machel Montano - Pump Yuh Flag*
  23. Sparrow - Congo Man 
(*=New This week)

    Jan 12, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Jan.11.2012 - 2hr. Mix

    We got another last minute call to fill in an extra hour on the 'Carnival Mix.' Turns out it was more than lucky for us,  as we had more new tunes again this week than we could get through in one hour. New Riddims, longtime favourites, Chutney, and a healthy dose of 'Swappi', Enjoy.

    Hour#1: 'The Warmup"

    1. Amrika - Wanna Rock you*
    2. Marshon - Wifey Less*
    3. Rupee - Blame It On De Music
    4. Lord Kitchener -  Sugar Bum Bum
    5. Hodgie N ABC-  Delete*
    6. Kuttit - Yung Gyal*
    7. Rita Jones - Slow*
    8. Problem Child & Ravi B - Ah Drinka (remix) 
    9. Scrunter - Bachelor
    10. Ricardo Drue & Edwin Yearwood - Throw Me Out*
    11. Andy Armstrong & Square One - Turn It Around
    12. Skhi - Can't Stay Away*
    13. White Wine & Jaxx - Feel So Good*
    14. Kes the Band - Precision Wine
    15. Keegan Taylor - Samba Wine
    16. Swappi - Dis Gyal
    17. Zan - Guilty (Badazz Bass Riddim)*
    18. Maximus Dan - Bad Teacher (Badazz Bass Riddim)*
    19. Destra & Kerwin DuBois - Baddist
    20. Nadia Batson - Intimate*
    21. Marcel Paint Mud & Oil*

    Hour#2:  "The Heat"

    1. Machel Montano - Make Yuh Rock (4D Riddim)
    2. Swappi - 4D Gyal (4D Riddim)
    3. Kes The Band - Stress Away (4D Riddim)
    4. Black Stallin - Feelin To Party
    5. David Rudder - Hammer
    6. General Degree - Mi Good (Good Ride Riddim)*
    7. Problem Child - Ah Vibe (360 Riddim)*
    8. Destra - Attitude (Red Bull Riddim) *
    9. Tian Winter - Pressure Waist (Red Bull Riddim)*
    10. Patrice Roberts ft. Swappi - Gih Me (Red Bull Riddim)*
    11. Bunji Garlin Bam Bam (Red Bull Riddim)*
    12. Cassie - In the Party*
    13. Kes the Band - World Girlz*
    14. Swappi - Bubble on a DJ*
    15. DJ Power & Machel Montano Ft. Kardinal - Fly So High (A.O.A Remix)*
    16. Destra & Rikki Jai - Pania*
    17. Shal Marshall - Type a Wine*
    18. Gary Cordner - We Winning Dey*
    19. Zarreen - Leave It On D Road*
    20. Maximas Dan - Make it Wheel*
    21. Prophet Benjamin - Throw Wine*
    22. Megan Waldrond - Fan Them Away*
    23. Terri Lyons - Recipe*
    24. Keegan Taylor - Watchin' Yuh*
    25. Skinny Fabulous - Rumble (Bad Dog Riddim)
    26. Faye Ann Lyons Miss Behave (Bad Dog Riddim) 
    27. Sparrow Jean & Dina
    (* = new this week)

    Jan 10, 2012

    Get Ready for "Cold Sweat" 2k12

    Its time for the first Fete of 2012.  With T&T Carnival right around the corner CalgarySoca is set to heat up one of the city's coldest months!  Welcome to "Cold Sweat!"

    Friday Feb 10th  2012 we return to Soho (801 6St. SW Calgary) for a night of all of your favorite Soca.  If you're on your way to Trinidad for Carnival then this is your official warm-up.  If you can't make it to the islands this year, then this is the next best thing!  Either way, its not to be missed!

    Advanced Tickets $20/pair ($15 each)
    Call Wolston: 403-701-8041 or
    Drew: 403-800-0101 ext. 1

    Jan 4, 2012

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Jan.4th.2011 - Reset Button

    Happy New Year. This is the first show of 2012 and we didn't waste any time on getting into the new music for T&T Carnival 2k12. With less than 2 months to go, the Soca is in full swing. New tunes again from Machel and Kes, Bunji and more, as well Drew challenges Anthony and Carrie to do the dance to Fay Ann's new song.

    1. Benjai - Toating feelings
    2. Destra - Keep on Wukkin
    3. Busy Signal - Tonite
    4. Miss Paige - Callin' me
    5. Kes The Band - Coming Over
    6. Adrian Dutchin - Something on the Side
    7. Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine
    8. Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts - I am Soca
    9. Farmer Nappy - Surrender
    10. Kerwin Dubois & Bunji Garlin - Runaway
    11. Nadia Batson - No Pressure
    12. Supa Jigga TC - Supawuk
    13. K. Rich - Nothing Less
    14. Machel Montano HD - On the Avenue
    15. Bunji - So & So (40ft. Riddim)
    16. Jahmoun & Umi Marcano Leh we walk (40ft. Riddim)
    17. Machel Montano HD - Mr. Fete
    18. Shadow - Don't mix me up
    19. Kes The band - Pretty Gal = No control
    20. Screws & Chiney - Pullin Bull
    21. Blaxx - Inna Band (Mad Blood Riddim)
    22. Lyrikal Out on da Road (Mad Blood Riddim)
    23. Tallpree & Problem Child - Ah think ah drunk (Mad Blood Riddim)
    24. Fay Ann Lyons - Misbehave
    25. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)
    26. Machel Montano - Reveling
    27. Nadia Batson - Makin up
    28. Patrice Roberts - Horn Pass
    29. Shurwayne Winchester - We Love
    30. Swappi - Bucket
    31. Lord Blakie - Maria