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Dec 29, 2011

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Dec.28.2011 - Best of 2011

2011 has been a great year for Soca music; so much so that we found it a bit of a challenge to fit the "Best of the year" into a 1hr show.  After going over all the music that was played for the year, as well as each of our individual choices, it was inevitable that we were not going to agree on EVERYTHING that was chosen.  To simplify, we gathered together the most requested songs, the Soca Monarch Winners from as many islands as we could squeeze in, and the songs that were played the most for Carnivals around the world.  (A couple of our personal choices may still have slipped in)

We played the show in no particular order, but if one song had to get Track-of-the-Year, it would have to be a crowd favourite that reached further than just local Caribbean Carnivals.  With a Soul Train Award nomination each for 'Best Caribbean Performance' alongside the likes of Rihanna, the field got narrowed to Machel Montano - Bend Over and Kes the Band - Wotless. Who wins that debate might be another show entirely as Drew and Anthony give it to Kes, while Carrie is certain its Machel.  You decide.

  1. Biggie Irie - Cyaah be Over  (Barbados 'Sweet Soca': 2nd)
  2. Tian Winter - Crash (Antigua 'Groovy Party Monarch': 2nd)
  3. Red Plastic Bag - Once upon a wine (Barbados 'Sweet Soca': winner)
  4. Rupee - I am a Bajan (Barbados People's Monarch)
  5. Krossfyah feat Edwin Yearwood - Good Time ('Barbados Sweet Soca': 3rd)
  6. Cassi - Town Ting
  7. Lil Rick - Work (Rich boy Riddim)
  8. Skinny Fabulous - What time is it (6:30) (Rich Boy Riddim)
  9. Shal Marshall - Whole Day (Flagship Riddim)
  10. Orlando Octave - Pump it up (Bedspread Riddim)
  11. Benjai - Trini (T&T Groovy Soca Monarch: 2nd)
  12. Ricki T - Indian Gyal (St. Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch)
  13. Skinny Fabulous feat Busy Signal - Rave Out (Popso Riddim)
  14. Machel Montano HD - Bend Over (Soul Train Awards Nominee)
  15. Ricky Minaj (aka Lil Rick) - Jones and Wuk Up (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  16. Lil Rick - Eh Yo (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  17. Blaxx - Tanti Woi (T&T Groovy Soca Monarch: 4th)
  18. Machel Montano - So High A.O.A. (Electrolights Riddim)
  19. Kes - Where yuh from (Electrolights Riddim)
  20. Edwin Yearwood - Cova De Road (Barbados 'Road March)
  21. Mikey - Pavement Anticipation (Barbados 'Party Monarch')
  22. Lil Rick - Crazy People (Barbados 'Party Monarch': 2nd)
  23. Hard Knaxx - Kentucky (Antigua 'Tempo Party Monarch')
  24. Tian Winter - Soca Quake ('Antigua 'Tempo Party Monarch: 2nd) 
  25. Terror Kid - Last Days (Grenada Soca Monarch)
  26. Tallpree - Jab All Over (Grenada 'People's Monarch')
  27. Fireman Hooper - Animal (Vincy Soca Monarch)
  28. Ricky T - Mad Ting (St. Lucia Soca Monarch)
  29. Iwer George - Come To Meh (T&T Soca Monarch: 2nd)
  30. Bunji Garlin - Hold A Burn (T&T Soca Monarch: 3rd)
  31. Fay Ann Lyons - Consider It Done (T&T Soca Monarch: 4th)
  32. Machel Montano HD- Advantage (T&T Road March/Soca Monarch)
  33. Kes - Wotless (T&T Groovy Soca Monarch) (Soul Train Awards Nominee)

Dec 25, 2011

One more Christmas Mix - DJ Culture

He recently played alongside DJ Becks at the Soca Gives Back event. Now we say "Thank you" to DJ Marvin Culture for another Parang Soca mix to add to the collection. All the best to all visitors and your families for the Christmas. Press play and enjoy. MARVIN (DJ CULTURE) PARANG SOCA MIX VOL 1 by Marvin Culture

Dec 23, 2011

Special Christmas Mix - D'Bandit

Since our Christmas party, a few people have been asking me for a special Christmas mix. Toronto's D'Bandit already put out a fantastic compilation with pretty much EVERY PARANG SOCA song we could think of! Why recreate the wheel, when honestly this is the mix we're already playing for the season. DOWNLOAD HERE.  Honestly, you're not ready for Christmas without it.

Dec 22, 2011

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Dec.21.2011 - DJ Becks

For our Christmas show we were still buzzing from the party that happened the previous Friday at Soho.  Drew had promised to play more Parang Soca than he got to play in the fete, so he delivered a nice mix with Scrunter, Crazy and, Baron  plus debuted the brand new 'Coca Cola' riddim featuring Umi, Benjai and Lil' Bits.

Special guest DJ Becks (aka 'Icepick') took over the 2nd half of the show.  He cut his chops on the Airwaves in St.Vincent and didn't disappoint as he delivered a riddim heavy mix....Oh yeah, and Anthony reached late :)

Drew's Christmas Mix
  1. Scrunter - Homemade Wine
  2. Scrunter - That Eh Working Here Tonight
  3. Crazy - Muchacha
  4. Scrunter - Merry Christmas
  5. Baron - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  6. Lil'Bitts - Ketchin' It (Coca Coca Riddim)*
  7. Umi Marcano - Sweetest Wine (Coca Cola Riddim)*
  8. Devon Matthews - All Night (Coca Cola Riddim)*
  9. Benjai - True Story (Coca Cola Riddim)*
  10. Machel Montano - Soca Santa
  11. Marcia Miranda - Roast Fowl

Becks' Riddim Mix
  1. Problem Child ft. Daria In D Middle (Born Bad Riddim)
  2. Fire Empress - Sak Passe (Born Bad Riddim)
  3. Big Drew - Feel Nice (kis riddim)
  4. Patch - Head Nice (kis riddim)
  5. Patrice Roberts - Wire Waist (kis riddim)
  6. Shal Marshall - Whole Day (Flagship Riddim)
  7. Suppa Jigga TC- Speakerbox (Flagship Riddim)
  8. Lil Rick ft. Machel Montano - Go Dung (Condem Riddim)
  9. Blaxx - Carnival Jumbie
  10. Kes - Wotless
  11. Kerwin DuBois - Bachannalist (Antilles Riddim)
  12. Machel Montano - Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim)
  13. Nadia Batson - Shiver (Antiles Riddim)
  14. Skinny Fabulous - What time Is it (Rich Boy Riddim)
  15. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (Becks Blend)
  16. Lil Rick - Work (Rich Boy Riddim)
  17. Mr. Killa - Sugar Pot (Island Riddim)
  18. Sugar J & Laura Lisa - Walkie Talkie Man (Island Riddim)
  19. Nekoyan ft. Keisha - Wukka Man (Island Riddim)
  20. Rhianna - We Found Love (Popso Remix)
  21. Skinny Fabulous & Bunji Garlin - Rave Out (Popso Riddim)
  22. Machel Montano - Bend Over
  23. Machel Montano - So High A.O.A (Electrolights Riddim)
  24. Baron - Merry Christmas 
(*=New this week)

Dec 19, 2011

Season's Soca Greetings

Its been quite a year for us here at Since we've started this project in early summer of this year, we've seen support grow week after week, so we decided to throw a Christmas party for all the Soca music lovers we knew in the city. Thank you to everyone who came out and made the fete one to remember. Big thanks to the staff at Soho Bar & Grill, "Prodigal Son" from the Black Squad for the added music, the entire CalgarySoca team, and Watermark productions for the vid.

Dec 17, 2011

Kerwin brings the "Bacchanal"

To say that the "Antilles Riddim" has caused a stir for the Calgary Soca crowd would be an understatement. First Machel gave us the "Vibes Cyah Done" video and now Kerwin Dubois delivers the official video for his jam on the riddim, "Bacchanalist."

Dec 15, 2011

CarnivalMix-CJSW- Dec.14.2011 (2hr mix)

With 2 days to our Christmas Party, CJSW let us play another extra long set of music this week. We had a chance to fill some requests in the first hour, play some favourites and a couple new jams. Hour 2 was full Christmas mode with more heat and new tracks including Bunji Garlin, Iwer George and a new Machel Montano HD on the Burdz Riddim.

Hour 1:

  1. Kimba Sorzano - Over You
  2. Krosfyah - Sweatin'
  3. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires - Soca Tatie
  4. Blaxx & Alternative Quartet - Sexual*
  5. Destra - Keep on Wukin'
  6. Kenny J - De Paint Brush
  7. Red Plastic Bag - Ragga Ragga
  8. Machel Montano ft. Kerwin Dubois - Bubblenut
  9. Hunter ft. Kes - Jep Sting Naina
  10. Da Spirits - Ginger Beer Jams
  11. Inches ft. Shurwayne Winchester - Jiggle it
  12. Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine
  13. Kes the Band - Wotless
  14. Cassie - Town Ting
  15. Farmer Nappy - Surrender
  16. Patrice Roberts - Freak*
  17. Raymond & Dil E Nadan ft Nadia Batson - Hard Pong
  18. Orlando Octave - Sawmill (Wuk it Up Riddim)
  19. Makamillion with Yankee Boy & Jesse - Bartender (Wuk It Up Riddim)
  20. Donaeo ft. Problem Child - Party Hard

Hour 2:

  1. Colin Lucas - Dollar Wine
  2. Singing Francine - Parang Parang
  3. K-Rich - Nothing Less
  4. Destra & Kerwin Dubois - Baddist
  5. Kerwin Dubois - Bacchannalist (Antilles Riddim Remix)
  6. Machal Montano - Vibes Cyah Done (Antilles Riddim Remix)
  7. Kes - Precision Wine
  8. Skinny Fabulous - Waist (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  9. Lil Rick - Jones & Wuk Up (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  10. MK Prime - Up in the Furnace*
  11. Bunji Garlin - Go Hard*
  12. Shurwayne Winchester ft. Philo - When Christmas Come*
  13. Bindley B - Play the Parang Soca
  14. Sprangalang - Brings the Drinks
  15. SW Storm - Wine 4 De Christmas
  16. Machel Montano - In Charge (Maserati Riddim)
  17. Machel Montano - Mr. Fete
  18. Machel Montano - Time for Work (Burdz Riddim)*
  19. Rita Jones - Ride It (133 Riddim)*
  20. Hunter - Block Meh (133 Riddim)*
  21. Blaxx - Breathin Rum (133 Riddim)*
  22. H2o PHLO - Have a Merry Christmas
  23. Nigel Lewis - Moving to the Left
  24. Crazy - Maria
  25. 3rd Base - Me & Mrs. Claus
  26. Iwer George - Jab (No Pain)*
  27. Mr.Dale - Wow (Tite Choonz Riddim)
  28. Jabae Ft. Destra - Flames
  29. Kitchener - Drink A Rum
(* = New This Week)

    Dec 12, 2011

    Vibes Cyah Done - Official Video

    We here at CalgarySoca have been playing all of the songs on the Antilles riddim since its release, and now Machel Montano HD has released the official video for his track, "Vibes Cyah Done".  Set in the future, it has an aged Montano reminiscing about his career as a Soca artist.  Check it out for yourself:

    Dec 8, 2011

    Christmas Party - Fri. Dec.16th.2011

    Join the CalgarySoca festivities happening Friday December 16th 2011.  We take over Soho Bar and Grill (801 6St. SW Calgary) for a night of Soca and Parang in the Club!  Music by CalgarySoca's Drew Atlas, which means you'll get Christmas Classics all the way up to the brand new Soca hits.   The bar will even be serving Carib beer, Johnny Walker Scotch, and Rum Cream.  Don't miss this one.  For Tickets call:

    Wolston: 403-701-8041
    Drew: 403-800-0101 (ext 1)

    Dec 7, 2011

    Sabrina takes the Riddim Steeze to Edmonton

    Still need to brush up on your 'wining' skills?  Finish off the year with your hips moving in the right direction.  This time however you'll have to go to Edmonton to learn.  Calgary's Sabrina Naz takes the "Riddim Steez" to 11805 - 94St.  NE Edmonton, AB

    Saturday December 10th & Sunday December 11th 2011.

    $20 per class or $80 for the entire weekend.  For more info: contact Sabrina via Facebook

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Dec.7.2011

    As Christmas comes closer, more and more new Soca releases are showing up to get us ready for Carnival 2k12.   This week we heard from the ladies of SASS, a triple threat from Kerwin Dubois, some crossover Chutney, Soca Christmas Carols, more riddims, and a new track from Shadow.  All this new music and we weren't certain which was the nicest!  Carrie had two contenders for track-of-the week, Drew picked two more, and sure enough, Anthony liked another two.

    1. Busy Signal - Caribbean Jab*
    2. Jadel - On Meh*
    3. MX Prime - Act Out (Real Groove Riddim)*
    4. Nadia Batson & SASS - Rich & Famous (Real Groove Riddim)*
    5. Omadath Maraj - Winning & Jooking*
    6. Ragga & Kavita - Talawa*
    7. Patrice Roberts - Slow Wine
    8. J-Wyze - Nah Wuk*
    9. Brother B - Neighbor Ways*
    10. Kerwin Dubois & Patrice Roberts - I am Soca
    11. Destra & Kerwin Dubois - Baddist
    12. Kerwin Dubois & Bunji Garlin - Runaway*
    13. Megan Walrond - It Hurtin'*
    14. Terri Lyons - Cyah Stop Movin
    15. Nebula 868 - Poor Conduct
    16. Rikki Jai - Don't Tell Nobody*
    17. Garth David - Jump & Play Yuhself
    18. Fabulous T - Joy of Christmas
    19. The Gayatones - Zindagi Ek Safer
    20. AJ Ventura ft. Skinny Fabulous - Spirit of Carnival
    21. Ragga - Rude Bwoy Stay*
    22. JW & Blaze - We Time (Maserati Riddim)*
    23. Machel Montano - In Charge (Maserati Riddim)
    24. Shadow - Naked Riddim*
    25. Scrunter - Eat Something
    (*=New This Week)

    Dec 1, 2011

    CarnivalMix-CJSW- Nov.30.2011

    1. Scrappy - Slow Wine*
    2. Second Imij - Golo Golo
    3. Adrian Dutchin - I am a Guyanese*
    4. Rupee - I am A Bajan
    5. David Rudder - Trini To Da Bone
    6. Mr. Dale - Created 4 Carnival (Body Move Riddim)
    7. Patrice Roberts - Give Him (Body Move Riddim)
    8. Tian Winter -  It's your Wine (Body Move Riddim)
    9. Kes the Band - Coming Over
    10. Blaxx ft. Ricochae - Handle It*
    11. Bunji Garlin - Tun up (X6 Riddim)*
    12. Kerwin Dubois - Put me Out
    13. Farmmer Nappy - Surrender
    14. Iwer George & KMC - No Chorus (Soca Strings Riddim)
    15. Maximus Dan - Something Wicked (Soca Strings Riddim)
    16. Blaxx ft. Roy Cape All Stars - Hit Mih*
    17. Supper Jigga TC - Action*
    18. Faye Ann Lyons & Baron - All Over
    19. Machel Montano - Mr.Fete*
    20. Voice - Alien*
    21. Machel Montano - Advantage
    (* = New this week)