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Oct 27, 2011

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Oct.26.2011

Thank you to everyone who pledged on the CJSW funding drive show this week. We were able to raise $750 toward the annual event with your help, and giveaway some prizes in the process. As it's also right before Halloween, we decided to fit in some Jumbie/Jab Jab Tunes to get in the mood. Press 'Play' to join the lime.

  1. Moses Charles -Indrani
  2. Red Plastic Bag - Once Upon a Wine
  3. Militant - Hot & Groovy
  4. Allison Hinds & Square One - Iron Bazodee
  5. Krosfyah ft. Edwin Yearwood - Good Time
  6. Kes - Wotless
  7. Farmer Nappy - Surrender
  8. Kerwin Dubois & Destra - Baddest
  9. Superblue - JabJab
  10. Crazy - Soucouyant
  11. Mighty Shadow - Pay the Devil
  12. Erphaan - In your Eyes
  13. Nadia Batson - Shiver
  14. MAchel Montano - Vibes Cya Done
  15. Kerwin Dubois - Bachaanalist
  16. Kester - Give me the Soca* (local artist)
  17. Machel Montano - Jumbie
  18. Lord Kitchener - Love in the cemetery

Oct 26, 2011

'Funding Drive' will keep Soca on the radio in 2012

The show itself is pretty young, (today will be only the 16th show), but for lovers of Soca music in Calgary we hope that the "Carnival Mix" is becoming your weekly link to some of the best music that comes out of the Caribbean.

Last week's 'Friday Fete' generated over $1000 which went to support 2 of Calgary's local bands and includes a $250 donation to CJSW radio from listeners like you.

Today's show (October 26th) we hope to continue that support from listeners, as there will be giveaways throughout the hour.  Exclusive CD mixes, CJSW gear, and one lucky winner will get a gift basket including 2 tickets to your choice of ANY ONE Soca event that comes to Calgary in the next year!

For more info on the station's funding drive, check out the article in Avenue Magazine

The show is on live every Wednesday from 6-7pm on 90.9fm and streaming at

Oct 23, 2011

Pictures from a great Soca Weekend!

There were two great Soca events this weekend. CalgarySoca was out with camera in hand to snap a few shots. We've posted all the photos on the CalgarySoca Facebook page CLICK HERE

Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child and Tallpree perform at Calgary's 'Got Soca'

St.Vincent's Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child and Grenada's Tallpree touched down in Calgary this weekend. The camera was pretty close to the speaker hence the bad audio. (4 videos in the playlist)

Oct 21, 2011

Fete on Friday Oct.21st

Its Here! Calgary Soca is proud to present our first ever event! The "Friday Fete" happens on October 21st 2011 and features live bands Infiniti and Explosion for everyone's enjoyment, plus Drew and Wolston will be supplying the tunes in between the bands. As any real "feter" knows, there must be a full bar and food for sale, so we've got that too.

Oct 20, 2011

CJSW - CarnivalMix - Oct.19.2011

With one week to the annual funding drive for CJSW radio, Drew turns it up a notch with a show featuring only hits from today and 'yester-year'. Some of the other members of CalgarySoca make an appearance as well. Beside the obvious full hour of heat, the standout for us is the Scrunter cover to Lord Kitchener's classic, 'Sugar Bum Bum'.... (Click 'Read More' for the track list)

Oct 16, 2011

Benjai out, Tallpree in for "Got Soca" fete on Saturday

Word from Baje Promotions is that Grenada Soca sensation, Tallpree will be performing this coming weekend for the "Got Soca" fete at the Pineridge Community Centre in place of T&T's Benjai.  No details were given as to why Benjai will not be attending, but we are still looking forward to the show as Tallpree, Problem Child and Skinny Fabulous still adds up to an excellent line-up.

Oct 12, 2011

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Oct.12.2011

Word continues to get out about the "Carnival Mix" as there was the most activity to date on the phones at CJSW. More favourites for you, as well as a Spanish cover of a Scrunter tune, and this week's classic which comes from Lord Nelson.

  1. Da Bhann - My Love
  2. Kali - Mi Droga
  3. Patrice Roberts - Looking Hot
  4. Machel Montano Feat. Busy Signal - Push Bumper (Remix)
  5. Skinny Fabulous - Wine Girl (Chapman Riddim)
  6. TC - Wrong Name
  7. TC & Anselm Douglas - Kim & Anselm
  8. Sean Caruth feat. Jamesy .P - She Sexy Now
  9. Statement - All night ('Til Morning)
  10. Machel Montano HD - Different Wine (Do Doot Riddim)
  11. Swappi - Blow my Flute (Do Doot Riddim)
  12. Mr.Dale - Soca Junkie
  13. Fadda Moses - Must Get Ah Wine (Bed Spread Riddim)
  14. Orlando Octave Pump It Up (Bed Spread Riddim)
  15. Aaron Fresh & Machel Montano - Bend Over (Remix)
  16. Kes the Band & Kerwin Dubois - Ah Ting
  17. Sanell Dempster/The Blue Ventures - Chances
  18. Benjai Wine to the Side (D Honey Riddim)
  19. Rupee - Jump
  20. Roy Cape Feat. Blaxx - Dutty
  21. Imij & Company - Fetting for Days
  22. Luni Sparks & Electrify - Clear D Way
  23. Machel Montano HD - Wild Antz
  24. Destra - Welcome Back
  25. Lord Nelson - Meh Lover

Oct 5, 2011

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Oct.5th.2011

With just a few weeks to go to the "Got Soca" fete, Drew Atlas delivers more music from Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child and Benjai. After listening to DJ Crown Prince's "Supa Soca 16" we just had to feature the new Antilles Riddim as well. Remember, the whole crew will be here in Calgary, (Crown Prince included) on October 22nd at Pineridge Community Centre

  1. Burning Flames - Power Drill
  2. 3 Suns - By the Bar
  3. Kes, Ravi B & Hunter - Jepp Sting Naina
  4. Kevin Little ft. Jamesy P  - Losing Control
  5. Hot Sand -  Turn 'round
  6. Luta  ft. Skinny Fabulous - Busy Tone
  7. Krosfyah ft. Edwin Yearwood - Good Time
  8. Farmer Nappy - Surrender
  9. Andy Armstrong  -Turn It Up
  10. Ras Iley - Spring Garden
  11. Baron - Feeling it
  12. Mighty Gaby - Government Boots
  13. Zuki and Tim Tim - Boots and Lock Up (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  14. Ricky Minaj (aka Lil Rick) -  Jones and Wukup (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  15. Skinny Fabulous - Waist (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
  16. Erphaan -  In your Eyes (Antilles Riddim)
  17. Nadia Batson  - Shiver (Antilles Riddim)
  18. Machel Montano  - Vibes Cya Done (Antilles Riddim)
  19. Kerwin Dubois  - Bachannalist (Antilles Riddim)
  20. South South West - Thelma
  21. Benjai - Last Jam
  22. 3 Suns - Weeh leaving
  23. El-A-Kru  - Another man
  24. Iwer Geroge  - Ease De Tension
  25. Bunji Garlin - We doh Watch Face (Best Riddim)
  26. Benjai - Over & Over (Best Riddim)
  27. Problem Child - Waistline (Tight Choonz Riddim)
  28. Trinidad Rio - No Draws

Oct 4, 2011

Miami's DJ Crown Prince will be in Calgary Oct. 22nd for "Got Soca" fete

Here at Calgary Soca we are big fans of the "Supa Soca" series by DJ Crown Prince.  Already up to number 16 in the series, make sure you get up to date on the music as he will be in Calgary along with Skinny Fabulous, Problem Child and Benjai for the "Got Soca" fete on October 22nd at the Pineridge Community Centre.

Take a listen  to the mix here featuring some of the hottest riddims of 2011 and some of the newest ones bubbling for 2012.

Download your copy HERE