Sep 30, 2011

If your "Wine" broke, Sabrina Naz will fix it.

If you have been in Calgary's Soca/Carnival scene for a while, then you'll know who Sabrina is.  She is an accomplished dancer and choreographer; as well as she has been the Queen of one of Calgary's best known Mas Band, Sykotik for the last few years;  and has won the Carifest Costume competition for the last 2 years.  Needless to say if you need to brush up on your Soca dance skills, she is a probably your best bet on getting your waistline movements in order.

Well apparently she's giving you a chance to now:
October 8th 2011
World Tree Studio
(812 Edmonton Tr. NE Calgary)

*note we suggest to get a hold of Sabrina through Facebook and Twitter:


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