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Sep 30, 2011

If your "Wine" broke, Sabrina Naz will fix it.

If you have been in Calgary's Soca/Carnival scene for a while, then you'll know who Sabrina is.  She is an accomplished dancer and choreographer; as well as she has been the Queen of one of Calgary's best known Mas Band, Sykotik for the last few years;  and has won the Carifest Costume competition for the last 2 years.  Needless to say if you need to brush up on your Soca dance skills, she is a probably your best bet on getting your waistline movements in order.

Well apparently she's giving you a chance to now:
October 8th 2011
World Tree Studio
(812 Edmonton Tr. NE Calgary)

*note we suggest to get a hold of Sabrina through Facebook and Twitter:

Sep 29, 2011

Skinny, Problem Child and Talpree: Oct. 22nd at Pineridge

Live in Calgary Alberta, Soca Heavy Weights from St Vincent & the Grenadines; The 3 time Soca Monarch SKINNY FABULOUS & Mr "Party Animal" PROBLEM CHILD, ***and From Grenada,  Tallpree will be replacing formerly scheduled Benjai

The night will get started of right with TOP GUNNERS DJ CROWN PRINCE at the controls and the baddest host from the Caribbean BARRIE HYPE on the mic.

Also representing the Vancouver massive AGENT MULDA.

Tickets are $45.00 and more at the door.

Remember Carifest 2k10 you don't want to miss this one!!!!


From The Roots: 4032302103
Island Beat: 4032735683
Xquistie Hair Design: 4038061212

and online or by phone on

for info call

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Sep.28.2011

This week we go through some the hottest Soca tracks from 2009, a couple head nodders from the UK, a nice collaboration from Umi Marcano and 3Suns, plus Drew features more tracks from Skinny Fabulous and goes digital with the latest from Roboman.

  1.  Lea Ann - Kisses (Island Soca Remix)
  2. Iwer George feat. Ziggy Rankin - We Like it (Coconut Tree Riddim)
  3. Peter Ram - Tight (Coconut Tree Riddim) 
  4. Skinny Fabulous -  Head Bad (Coconut Tree Riddim)
  5. Peter Ram - Pumping
  6. David Rudder- Caribbean Party
  7. Fraud Squad ft. Patrice Roberts - Dance with me
  8. Zan - Back Bone
  9. Peter C. Lewis - Over & Over
  10. Traffik ft. Shayne Bailey - Sweetness
  11. Mr. Vybe - False Pretender (Picture Frame Riddim)
  12. Nigel Lewis - Take That and Cool it
  13. Berbice - Leh we go back home
  14. Skinny Fabulous - Feel like
  15. Patch - Head Nice 
  16. Machel Montano - Ramajay
  17. KMC - Yeast (Get Jiggy Remix) (Fix It Up Riddim)
  18. 3 Suns & Umi Marcano - Doh Slip
  19. Krosfyah  - Sak Passe
  20. Krystal Khayne ft. Umi Marcano - Bring it
  21. Roboman ft. Cherise Ransom -  Roboman Say
  22. Skinny Fabulous - On D Spot (Scratch master Remix)
  23. Fays Ann ft. Super Blue - Meet Super Blue
  24. Iwer George - Ready
  25. Zoelah - Fly Away
  26. Ricky T - Wheel and Come Again
  27. Omari Ferrari - In De Fete
  28. Tallpree - Wicked Jab
  29. Lord Kitchener - Neighbour, Neighbour

Sep 22, 2011

Carnival Mix - CJSW - Sep.21.2011

This week Drew delivers a real J'ouvert inspired mix (Bottle and spoon, Iron and Steel throughout). Roadmixes from some of the biggest hits of the last few years including a gem from T&T band Shandelier. There is also a kaiso "Pecong Duel" from Sparrow and the late Lord Melody from back in the '50s. Enjoy.

  1. High Mas - David Rudder
  2. Nice Time - The Troubadours
  3. Rose n' Stem - Denise Belfond & Kerwin Dubois
  4. Private Wine - Problem Child
  5. Pelt Waist - Skinny Fabulous
  6. My God,My Woman & I - Benjai
  7. Wine Fast - Zan
  8. Glow - Allison Hinds & David Rudder
  9. Drinker Remix - Ravi B feat. Problem Child
  10. Wrong Gyal - Red Plastic Bag
  11. Foreign Wine - Alpha
  12. Up in her Belly - Busy Signal
  13. Heavy T - Faye Ann Lyons
  14. Tanty Say - Benjai
  15. Wotless - Kes
  16. Town Ting - Cassi
  17. Trini - Benjai
  18. Happy - Shandelier
  19. Colors Again - Destra
  20. Rebel Song - Skinny Fabulous
  21. Pecong Duel - Sparrow vs Melody

    Sep 15, 2011

    "This is Soca" in Edmonton Oct.15th

    Let's be honest, its just over a 2 hr drive away. No wonder we keep finding ourselves in Edmonton for a fete. I.V. Entertainment brings the heat again on Saturday October 15th 2011 with DJs Soca Sweetness from T.O and Agent Mulda from Vancouver. Both DJs held court for the official Cariwest Afterparty in August and this one is reason enough for us to take a drive again.

    ★ THIS IS SOCA! ★

    Saturday October 15, 2011
    The Canadian Druze Center 14304-134 Ave
    Doors 9:30 pm

    DON’T STICK! Arrange your tix NOW!



    Carnival Mix - CJSW - Sep.14th 2011

    New music this week from Farmer Nappy and introducing the Hardbody Riddim. More favourites including a few from the 1990s and a classic from Lord Nelson taking us back to 1977

    1. Rupee - Tempted to touch
    2. Krosfyah - Oil Pumping
    3. Machel Montano w/ Mr. Vegas - Dance with You
    4. Bomani - Your Body
    5. Scrunter - Sing in She Party
    6. Mx Prime(Maximus Dan) - Walk the Walk
    7. Prestan - Must Have A Gyal (Hardbody Riddim)
    8. Orlando Octave - Bring it Nah (Hardbody Riddim)
    9. Lisa Pike - I am a Belizian
    10. Red Plastic Bag - Once Upon A Wine
    11. Farmer Nappy - Surrender
    12. Donae'o w/ Problem Child - Party Hard
    13. Maloneyy - Wine On Me (Stunting Riddim)
    14. Most Wanted - Six Thirty Time (Stunting Riddim)
    15. Jamesy P - Bashment (Road Mix)
    16. Swappi - Nuff Whine (Charlie Sheen Riddim refix)
    17. Busy Signal - Touch De Road
    18. Explainer w/ Bunji Garlin - Lorraine (remake)
    19. Super Blue - Bacchanal Time
    20. United Sisters - Whoa Donkey
    21. Viking Tunda - Ringa Ringa Ring Bang
    22. Preacher - Jump and Wave
    23. Bruning Flames - Swinging Engine
    24. Problem Child - Party Animal
    25. K'naan w/Machel Montano - Waving Flag (remix)
    26. Lord Nelson - King Liar

    Sep 12, 2011

    Problem Child brings the Party in October

    Looks like the "Vincy Bad Boy" will be in Calgary next month. Problem Child has been making a splash on the Soca scene for the last few years with tracks like "Party Animal" and his unofficial remix to Donaeo's "Party Hard".  According to promoters, Baje Entertainment, the St. Vincent artist will be part of a hot Soca promotion in Calgary on the Oct.22nd:

    "You've asked and you shall receive.... "GOT SOCA!?!??" Saturday Cctober 22, 2011.  Live in CALGARY continuing his birthday celebration... Live from ST VINCENT.... PROBLEM CHILD!!!!! More to come. Tickets out next friday!! BOOM!! We back again!!!"

    That message implies that more artists will be on the bill so as soon as we hear who they'll be, and the venue confirmation you'll hear it here.

    Sep 8, 2011

    Carnival Mix - CJSW - Sep.7th 2011

    1. Andy Singh - Girl From India
    2. Zan - Wine Fast (Bubble Up Riddim)
    3. Kees - Waist Line Roll (Bubble Up Riddim)
    4. David Rudder & Carl Jacobs -Trini to the Bone
    5. Coalition & Rupee - Not Me (Redman/Goodness Riddim)
    6. Scrunter - Bachelor (Remix)
    7. Bomani - Wet
    8. Kerwin Dubois & Blaxx - Good Time
    9. Fadda Moses – Must Get Ah Whine (Bedspread Riddim)
    10. Orlando Octave - Pump It Up (Bedspread Riddim)
    11. Machel Montano - Bend Over
    12. Swappi - Malicqua (Whistle Riddim refix)
    13. Skinny Fabulous - Pelt (Whistle Riddim refix)
    14. Patrice Roberts - Man Dem Darlin (Whistle Riddim refix)
    15. El-A-Kru - Kick it Off
    16. Iwer George - Come to Meh
    17. Lil' Rick - Crazy People
    18. Alison Hinds - Explode (Tite Choonz Riddim)
    19. Mr. Dale - WoW - (Tite Choonz Riddim)
    20. Blaxx - Normal
    21. JW & Blaze - Palance (Shotmaster Roadmix)
    22. Ozzie George - Syncopation (Steel Pan)

    Sep 2, 2011

    St. Lucia Cultural and Creole Day Celebration - Sep.10

    The St Lucia Calgary Cultural Association invites you to its annual FREE
    Cultural & Creole Day Celebration featuring baked goods, local drinks and authentic creole cuisine for purchase. There will also be cultural entertainment, exhibition and a silent auction

    Kic Up Sound will be there to set the mood

    At St Peter's Anglican Church
    903 - 75 Ave SW
    Calgary, AB
    Saturday Sept 10, 2011 from 1-7pm

    For more informtation please contact 403-612-5695 or 403-796-9617
    CLCIK HERE for the Facebook page

    Sep 1, 2011

    "Carnival Mix" - CJSW - Aug.31st 2011

    An All-Groovy edition of the Carnival Mix. More classics, favourites and new riddims. Tracks from legend David Rudder, plus new music from St. Lucia, Trinidad, Barbados and Antigua

    1. Edwin Yearwood & Krosfyah - Pump me Up
    2. Atlantik - All Aboard
    3. Kerwin Dubois - High
    4. Scrunter - Sing in She Party
    5. David Rudder - Bahia Girl
    6. Ravi B & Problem Child - Ah Drinka
    7. Alpha - Foreign Wine
    8. Bomani - Work For Yo Monery
    9. Benjai - Trini (Road mix)
    10. Cassi - Town Ting (Road mix)
    11. Kes the Band - Wotless (Road mix)
    12. Faddah Fox - Rum is Me Lovah
    13. B-Roca - Report to the Floor (Blu-Ray Riddim)
    14. Kerwin Dubois & Farmer Nappy - Pavement
    15. Donaeo & Problem Child - Party Hard
    16. Peter Ram - Some Gyal (Big Chat Riddim)
    17. Skinny Fabulous - Waist (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
    18. Lil Rick - Ey Yo (Charlie Sheen Riddim)
    19. Shurwayne Winchester - Murdah (Mario Land Riddim)
    20. Tian Winter - Gimme a Taste (Mario Land Riddim)
    21. Ragga - Turn it Up