May 27, 2011

No more Caribana! They mad or what?!

Ah the Bacchanal!  On Wednesday May 25th 2011, the Toronto Star Reported that the name Caribana would be no more.  Due to copyright issues between the creators and the current organizers, the festival will receive a name change to the "Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival Toronto" (try putting that on a flyer!)  The original governing body (CAG) lost control of their creation in 2006 due to an apparent mismanagement of the festival and are now actively trying to stop Canada's largest Caribbean festival from even happening.  With over 1 million people coming to Toronto every year injecting huge funds into the economy,  you know that the city "eh takin dat!"  Take a name change and give she she costume please!

1 comment:

  1. Copyright infringement, no good! Not having the festival at all, equally not good! Take a 2 out of 5 for that news


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