May 26, 2011

But wait, you still don't have a costume!?

With less than 2 weeks to the parade, your last chance to pick up an excellent costume will be on Saturday May 28th as Sykotik have their final push before Carifest 2011. Looks like they'll even be unveiling a new costume at Iron Dutch downtown. 

According to Sykotik:

"Reasons to jump with Sykotik: 1.) You get to wear your costume TWICE as we play mas in Calgary's Carifest and Edmonton's Cariwest Parades 2.) Discounted group rate at a 4 star hotel literally steps away from Churchill square in Edmonton 3.)Free refreshments throughout both parades 4.) Music by the wickedest Soca DJ's in Calgary spinning all the latest 2011 soca chunes 5.) A quality product for your money 6.) Experience true BACCHANAL on de road with Carifest's 2010 (MADDEST) Band of the YEAR!!!!!!!"

Sykotik Mas presents MIDNIGHT MADNESS...JOIN DA MADNESS!!!! For costume info and to book your fitting please call 403-617-1445 or visit their facebook page 


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