Apr 17, 2011

DJ Diamond - Gimmie Di Ting

'Calgary Soca' is always looking for the next big thing so imagine our surprise as we start going through our weekly selection of new tunes and we unexpectedly come across a groovy/dancehall jam from the runner up of the Calgary Carifest 2010 showcase! Big shout to Alberta's own Karella "DJ Diamond" Cummings for her work in 2k11 so far. Check out her YouTube channel for even more of what she's up to. We eh go lie, this one caught us off guard as we weren't sure how to fairly judge a song from someone you know?  Well, the answer is to put it to the "Official Wining Test!" and take a proper rating.

The Rules of the Official Wining Test are: 

1) Play the music LOUD for a woman.
2) Stand up behind her.
3) Check the velocity of your woman's wine when she hears the song and rate it out of 5!

OK, So my woman gave me a little "Bumsie" roll which counts as just before 3rd gear on the 5-gear-scale.

Official Wining Test: ☆☆☆(3/5)

The REAL RATING of course is the one YOU give it.  Let us know how you feel about DJ Diamond's track below!


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