Apr 24, 2011

Calgary had its "Salvation"

"Big Up" to Tundaclap and the team for the events that went on this weekend. As expected the Jump-Up-Kings, Jester and KidKut did their thing. Unfortunately the Calgary Soca staff was booked at other events this weekend so we ALL missed out, but from the looks of the comments on the promoters page, this one looks like it went off just fine.

If/when we get a look at some of the pics or video, we'll post them for you. For sure, we'll see you at the next event. Also remember, if you were at the event, feel free to comment and rate below so that we can all find out what we missed. (steuuuuuups...I vex now)


Let us know what you think. Good or Bad, we want to hear about it.